25 BEST Things To Do In San Miguel de Allende (By A Pro!)

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Ashlea J. Russell

Looking For Things To Do In San Miguel de Allende? I’ve Handpicked Only The Best Ways To Spend Your Time In SMA

San Miguel de Allende has a big beautiful church. Now, what else do we know? 🤷🏻‍♀️

The truth is, most people are drawn to San Miguel de Allende for the beauty (and the big beautiful church, of course) but there’s so many other things to do here.

Before visiting San Miguel de Allende I had a hard time finding good information on where to go and what to do. So I spent some time here figuring it out for myself and loving every minute of it.

This list is comprised of all my favourite things to do in San Miguel de Allende that are actually worth your time. I’ve also thrown in a few hidden gems you won’t find anywhere else.

Let’s get into it!

Things To Do In San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is full of great ways to fill your days and this list includes only my favourite things to do.

1. See the Parroquia by Day & by Night

I know, I know, I just said there was more to San Miguel de Allende than the church, but not mentioning this beauty would be a travesty.

I travel all over Mexico for a living and the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel is still the most mesmerizing church I’ve come across. This absolute work of art sits in the heart of San Miguel de Allende and is a gathering point for locals and visitors alike.

By day, the plaza is always bustling with shops, cafes, and vendors catering to the people here. Keep an eye out for blushing brides and their handsome grooms taking pictures, dancing, and celebrating with family.

Two women stand in at an ice cream vendor in front of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel in San Miguel de Allende.

On weekends you’re also likely to see large traditional puppets and mariachi bands playing a tune and waiting to be hired.

By night, the parroquia may actually be more magical, if that’s even possible! The church is lit up like a beacon and can be seen from rooftops and streets from blocks way.

The plaza is a common gathering place at night for families and friends, the air filled with chatter and music while people enjoy an after dinner ice cream or churros.

2. Explore on Foot

One of the best things to do in San Miguel de Allende is to simply roam. Wandering the beautiful streets is the perfect way to find interesting places, take photos, and explore.

Anywhere in Centro is safe to wander so just pick a street and start walking. Just remember to watch your step and make way for locals heading about their daily business.

For me, I like to have a more formal introduction to new cities and so I always look for an introductory tour to help me get my bearings.

A blue old fashioned VW Beetle drives down orange and yellow colonial streets in San Miguel de Allende.

In San Miguel de Allende, that means a Historical and Cultural Walking Tour. San Miguel de Allende is located on the Independence Route and is a lasting part of the Mexican fight for Independence so a historical tour is a bit of a no-brainer.

This walking tour covers the main historical sites of Centro while also teaching about local culture and is a leisurely 2 hour stroll.

And while the tour itself is interesting, my favourite part is having the opportunity to pick the guide’s brains about places to visit, where to eat, and any hidden local spots I may never find on my own. It’s the perfect way to kick off a trip to the city.

3. Get Out of Centro

It’s easy to lose yourself in the beautiful streets of centro San Miguel de Allende but you’d be missing out.

A short walk from centro you’ll find Colonia Guadalupe, a local neighbourhood with a whole other vibe. Spending time here is one of my all-time favourite things to do in San Miguel de Allende.

This area lies just outside the UNESCO protected boundaries of Centro and you’ll know you’ve found it when the buildings turn from historical beauty to splashes of colour and art.

The entrance to La Tertulia cafe in Colonia Guadalupe, San Miguel de Allende with yellow walls and flowers surrounding the doors.
The inside of La Tertulia cafe in San Miguel de Allende with wooden beams and furniture, white walls and flowers.

This is a much more local area and the prices reflect that. This totally safe neighbourhood is picture perfect and ideal for wandering. And don’t forget to support some local businesses while you’re here.

  • If you’re interested in trying real Mexican Coca-Cola, check out the shops in their neighbourhood and look for the small glass bottle.

Chilli Billy is perfect for lunch or dinner. This popular little spot offers some of the best chilli I’ve ever had, and you’ll find Billy in the kitchen whipping up the recipe he learned from his grandmother.

La Tertulia is another must in Colonia Guadalupe. This family owned cafe meets plant shop serves up delicious coffee, handmade treats and tasty bites, in a beautiful setting teeming with flowers and plants.

And while you’re here…

4. Seek Out Street Art

Colonia Guadalupe is the best area in San Miguel de Allende to find incredible street art. I’m a huge fan of street art and actively seek it out everywhere I go, so this barrio was basically paradise for me.

For years now, local street art projects like Muros en Blanco (Blank Walls) and Amo Mi Barrio (I Love My Neighbourhood) have been using their skills to decorate the buildings of this area while teaching local kids to express themselves through art.

Street art in San Miguel de Allende of two smiling Mexican boys wearing straw hats.

From huge full wall murals to smaller space fillers, realism to fantasy to cartoons, there’s art for everyone here.

The best place to start is Murales Guadalupe, a street with a long strip of side by side murals. From here you can wander freely and discover art around almost every corner. And don’t miss the works along the river!

You may even find some artists at work while you roam, so don’t be afraid to say hi and get the story behind the art.

5. Take a Food Tour

San Miguel de Allende is well known for being a fantastic place to try amazing food, so I would be remiss if I didn’t include at least one food tour.

The Original Downtown Food Tour is a fantastic choice for most people. This tour is run by the number one local food tour company in San Miguel de Allende and features some of the best locally owned and operated restaurants and street food stands.

A taco topped with chopped onion and cilantro with a selection of salsas at a restaurant in San Miguel de Allende.

From tacos to churros to mole and more, you’ll taste Mexican favourites from the best spots in town plus the local guide will send you away with a foodie bucket list of recommendations to try on the rest of your trip.

  • These tours can accommodate vegetarians but not vegans. Make sure to mention when booking if you are vegetarian or have any other dietary requirements.

For an elevated experience, try the Evening Food Tour which visits some of the best restaurants in town including a fabulous rooftop terrace and the best fish taqueria in town.

6. Visit the Chapel of Jimmy Ray

Art is the lifeblood of San Miguel de Allende. Whether it’s posh galleries or street murals, a brush with art is inevitable here but the Chapel of Jimmy Ray is an artistic experience all its own.

This colourful compound on the outskirts of town is an exercise in the weird and wonderful and a visit here is one of my favourite things to do.

The Chapel of Jimmy Ray was the home and workshop of the late San Miguel de Allende based US artist Anado Mclauchlin.

The colourful toilet at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray San Miguel de Allende, covered in bottles and glass tile.

Tours are by appointment only and are operated by Anado’s husband Richard, who still lives at the compound part time.

The tour takes you through the compound to various works of art Anado assembled using colour and discarded items most people wouldn’t find beauty in. From a long wall of mosaics dedicated to his pets to a Mexican wrestler fountain and the most colourful bathroom I’ve ever seen, it’s one surprise after another.

7. Hit the Shops

No matter where I go in Mexico I find myself shopping. The quality of goods and fair prices make it hard for me to walk away from local vendors and shops without making a purchase.

Although some of the shops in San Miguel de Allende are pricier than what you’d find elsewhere in the country, there are still gems to be found.

In addition to the many shops you’ll find in the streets off the main plaza, you don’t want to miss the Mercado de Artesanías (Artisan Market).

Hand painted hats and handmade jewellery at the Artisan Market in San Miguel de Allende.

This market is part indoors, part outdoors and I recommend starting at the outdoor area.

The shops here have everything from jewellery to handpainted hats, purses made of recycled cans to art and beyond. You can easily spend an hour or two browsing and shopping here.

At the end of the outdoor market you’ll reach a staircase up to the main road and just across the street to the right you’ll find the entrance to the indoor area.

This is a perfect place to pick up souvenirs or to treat yourself!

8. Watch Sunset on a Rooftop

The rooftops in San Miguel de Allende don’t mess around and having a drink or two on a terrace at least once is a mandatory thing to do here.

Terraces are easy to find in San Miguel de Allende whether it’s breakfast at my favourite spot, Inside Cafe, a coffee stop, or dinner.

When it comes to sunset on a rooftop Luna at the Rosewood Hotel is tough to beat.

  • Be sure to reserve Luna in advance and add “Una mesa con una vista hermosa por favor” (a table with a beautiful view) to your special requests. They are great about honouring these requests.

The view from Luna Rooftop is spectacular, with clear unobstructed views over the city and church, as well as a beautiful, vibrant sunset.

The view over San Miguel de Allende in a golden sunset from the rooftop of Luna at the Rosewood Hotel.

I don’t recommend spending a lot of time here or even dining here. The prices are very high and frankly the food and cocktails were not up to the high standard I have for San Miguel de Allende. Book the table for sunset, have a drink, enjoy the view, and move on.

If you’d like to have dinner or lunch with a view, La Azotea and Quince are always a good choice. For excellent cocktails try Bekeb.

9. Try Tostadas at Tostévere

San Miguel de Allende has a well known reputation for being a foodie destination and it really lives up to that hype. There are so many fantastic bars and restaurants here with amazing food, attentive service, and beautiful decor.

During my time in San Miguel de Allende I visited all the top restaurants that get the buzz, but I also like to seek out hidden gems that fly under the radar, like the incomparable Tostévere.

Tostévere was my favourite dining experience I had and a place I’ve been shouting about to anyone who will listen ever since.

The Smoky Mezcal cocktail from Tostevere in San Miguel de Allende.
Truffle esquites tostada at Tostevere San Miguel de Allende.

This little hole in the wall is so cool, has amazing friendly staff, and incredible food, without the price tag of some other places in town.

  • Book in advance! This place is small and every spot is up for reservation. Even solo diners can reserve a bar seat.

If you’re looking for elevated Mexican cuisine, you’ve come to the right place. The tostada menu is a thing to behold, with innovative dishes like my personal favourite, Truffled Esquites, an upgrade to delicious Mexican street corn.

And cocktail lovers rejoice! The cocktail menu is small but mighty and features one of my all-time favourite cocktails, the Smokey Mezcal. This house creation is a little bit theatre and a total flavour bomb.

10. Take a Cooking Class

If you don’t know by now, Mexicans take their food very seriously. Their cuisine and native ingredients are a point of pride for every Mexican I meet.

And, one of the best ways to learn about the cuisine and culture of Mexico is by getting involved with a cooking class.

This authentic cooking class is perfect for beginners and seasoned cooks. The small group experience means everyone can get involved as much or as little as they like.

Sip a glass of Mexican wine while the aroma of spices and sauces fills the beautiful Mexican home in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. Learn to make salsas, traditional mole, enmoladas, Mexican rice, and Mexican drinking chocolate, all in a supportive and relaxed environment.

Then take a seat and savour your delicious, traditional dishes.

11. Sip the Best Coffee

Mexico has such a high standard for coffee. Pretty much every coffee shop is going to serve up delicious rocket fuel to spur you on your travels. And although there are plenty of cafes to choose from in San Miguel de Allende, there’s really only one place you should put on your to-do list.

Ki’bok Coffee SMA sits a quick 3 minute walk from the main plaza and church. This beautiful cafe serves up the best coffee in town alongside a menu of delicious meals like sandwiches, salads, and eggs, as well as tasty treats.

The view of the spires of San Miguel de Allende from Ki'bok Coffee SMA rooftop.

The signature coffee here is known as the Hemingway which is a double shot of Cuban espresso with cinnamon and 2oz of hot milk. Don’t expect a huge mug of coffee, this is a small clay cup that packs a punch.

While the whole cafe is beautiful, the rooftop terrace is the best place for a nice breeze and a beautiful view.

Being only a block away from the famous church, you can see the spire reaching up above the town from the Ki’bok rooftop. A morning boost or afternoon refuel here is sure to become a daily ritual.

12. Take a Dip in the Hot Springs

Visiting hot springs are one of my favourite things to do anywhere in the world and fortunately San Miguel de Allende happens to have several warmed by the Taxco-San Miguel de Allende fault system.

Hot springs in San Miguel de Allende are livelier than what you’d find in other parts of the world. It’s not uncommon to see families spending the day at the hot springs, playing, listening to music, and having a picnic which can make for a fun experience.

A view of the mountains and brush from the hot springs at Grutas Tolantongo.

La Gruta and Escondido Place are the two most popular options, both within 20 minutes of San Miguel de Allende but there are six to choose from depending on your interests.

For a really unusual experience, why not try the Trail Riding and Hot Springs Combo Tour. Visit a local ranch, ride with real cowboys, and then relax in a steamy hot spring.

13. Ride Horses Through the Streets

Since we’re on the topic of horses, San Miguel de Allende offers a really unusual experience I haven’t seen anywhere else. The opportunity to ride horses through the old town.

There are two ways to enjoy this tour, a romantic sunset ride through the gorgeous town, or a cantina crawl of the oldest bars in San Miguel de Allende, cowboy style.

An old fashioned yellow and orange saloon with swinging doors in the centre of San Miguel de Allende.

Both tours start at the ranch and enjoy a leisurely ride into town, suitable to newbies and experienced riders.

  • Drinks are not included in either tour but a professional cowboy guide, equipment, and insurance is!

The sunset ride is all about the golden glow of sunset splashing across the city while the cantina ride focuses on historical saloons and a fun group atmosphere. This is a totally unique and memorable way to explore San Miguel de Allende.

14. Browse the Galleries

San Miguel de Allende was once at risk of reaching ghost town status, but it was artists who brought this city back to life and made it what it is today. So naturally, art is a big part of the attraction here.

We’ve talked about street art and a quirky artist compound but another popular thing to do in San Miguel de Allende is to explore the galleries.

Art galleries are all over San Miguel de Allende so finding a place to view art is easy, but if you’re looking for a lot of art all in one spot there’s only one place to go, Fabrica la Aurora.

Looking through a gallery at Fabrica Aurora in San Miguel de Allende with paintings on the walls and a large printing press at the end of the space.

The building itself is beautiful, an old textile mill that has been reimagined into an art destination complete with galleries, eateries, and shops.

In terms of shopping this is definitely somewhere aimed at a wealthier clientele. Art and antiques here can reach well into the thousands of dollars but anyone is welcome to browse.

15. Visit the Mirador

El Mirador literally translates to “lookout” and that’s exactly what it sounds like. This scenic viewpoint overlooking the city is a popular spot to snap photos and take in this beautiful city from above.

If you haven’t been keeping up with your cardio, I recommend taking an Uber or DiDi up to the Mirador and walking back down. The altitude in San Miguel de Allende paired with the afternoon sun and steep incline makes for a tiring climb.

Opposite the Mirador there are a few small shops, a cafe, and super authentic local taqueria if you’re in need of a snack.

16. Find The Laundry Tubs

Tucked away just below the Mirador you’ll find a very important part of the city. Looking out at the view from the Mirador, head to your left and you’ll find a small lane called Callejon del Chorro.

This lane will lead you on a stunning walk down from the Mirador along centuries old stairs and cobblestones.

Along the way you’ll pass beautiful homes, a gorgeous stone church, and catch glimpses of the cityscape ahead of you.

A view over an old stone belltower from the Paseo El Chorro in San Miguel de Allende.
Flowers hang down over the old laundry tubs at El Chorro in San Miguel de Allende.

At the bottom of the path you’ll find Parque El Chorro, easily spotted by it’s brightly painted walls. It was here in the 1500s that water was found by a friar, triggering the birthplace of San Miguel de Allende.

  • This walk is steep in areas and it can be tiring on the legs to walk downhill and down steps so take your time and rest as needed. If you’re not confident you can take this path you can find the laundry tubs here.

Just opposite the park you’ll find the Lavaderos del Chorro or the laundry tubs. These 18th century tubs used water from the spring in the park to clean clothing for the churches and townspeople and are occasionally still used today.

It’s not uncommon to find people relaxing here or artists painting in the beautiful, serene surroundings.

17. Visit Ancient Ruins

One of the best things to do anywhere in Mexico is to visit ancient ruins. In San Miguel de Allende that means a trip to Cañada de la Virgen.

This site was constructed in 500AD by the Otomí people who still live in the area today. There are several structures to explore as well as a museum but the star of the show is the 15m/50ft pyramid which can be climbed by visitors.

  • All ruins in Mexico are owned by the government but Cañada de la Virgen is located on private land. This means the site is only accessible with a guide.

To visit these ruins you’ll need to take a guided tour as the site isn’t opened to the public and there’s only one tour I recommend.

This archeologist-led tour is run by Albert, an archeologist who personally worked as part of the excavation team for this site.

Albert speaks excellent English and his tour includes comfortable roundtrip transportation and fascinating commentary on the female warrior laid to rest here, what they found inside the main temple, and how to site aligns with stars and planets in the sky. There’s no one better to tour these ruins with.

18. Take an Art Class

If you didn’t hear me the first five times, San Miguel de Allende is a artist’s paradise. So when in Rome, do as the artists do!

Artists all over the city offer classes, workshops, and courses for anyone who wants to try their hand at creating art.

Some of the studios at Fabrica La Aurora offer workshops, primarily for different types of painting.

If you’re in town for longer Instituto Allende offers courses starting from one week in everything from weaving to printmaking to jewellery design and even a seasonal workshop to create your own Day of the Dead masks and puppets.

19. Taste Local Wines

You may not think “wine” when you think of Mexico, but in reality there’s a booming wine scene here and San Miguel de Allende happens to be located in one of the wine regions.

Although there are more than 15 wineries in the area there are two that are crowd favourites.

For a more classic, posh winery experience the best option is Tres Raíces, located about 30 minutes from town. This gorgeous winery offers tastings, a fantastic restaurant, and even luxury hotel rooms.

You can visit Tres Raices as part of a tour which includes a guided tour of the vineyard, wine tasting with charcuterie pairing, round trip transportation plus time to explore the grounds or dine at the restaurant.

You can also head out there by Uber or taxi just be aware the phone signal isn’t great so you may need help from staff to arrange return transport.

The entrance to the Vinicola Toyan near San Miguel de Allende, with lion statues on either side.

For a quirkier, more affordable off-the-beaten-path experience I recommend Vinícola Toyan. Owned and operated by local legend Martha Molina, this vineyard is totally unique.

  • English tours are only available on Fridays at 12pm and 2pm, and Saturdays at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

Gargoyles, carved trees, and a subterranean wine cave are just some of the peculiarities you’ll find here. Tours are operated by the staff and can be booked via WhatsApp.

20. Float in a Balloon

I recently took my first ever hot air balloon ride in Mexico City and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. There is something so magical about watching sunrise in a basket under a floating balloon.

In San Miguel de Allende a hot air balloon ride is an elevated experience (a little balloon humour for ya 🎈). Start the day at the 1826 Tequila Bar inside the five star Rosewood Hotel where you’ll be met with coffee and pastries before heading off.

Three men inflating hot air balloons with fire and gas in Mexico.

The balloons are so much bigger than you can imagine so watching them go from rolled up to full is an experience in and of itself. Then you’ll climb inside the basket and enjoy up to an hour of sweeping landscapes and unbelievable views across the valley, lake and mountain plus views of beautiful San Miguel de Allende from the sky.

I loved my hot air balloon experience and it becomes the sort of thing you want to do over and over everywhere you go.

This company has been operating for more than 30 years and is fully certified and insured so you’re in good hands.

21. Do it for the ‘Gram

San Miguel de Allende is actually as beautiful as it looks in pictures and there are a few spots that visitors love to frequent.

Street art is plentiful here but an Instagram favourite is the mural of a lady with a flower arch for her hair. You can find her here in Colonia Guadalupe and her hair is most beautiful in spring.

A street art mural on a brick building of a woman's face and an arched bush growing over her head like hair.

Another popular spot is often known as the Instagram Street and can be found by heading to this shipping centre. This street is a gorgeous cobblestone cul-de-sac with a fountain at the end and the rear dome of the Parroquia peeking over the wall.

And finally, the antique gas pump is a must visit on any photo stop. This rusted pump is a relic from a time gone by with the price still set to 25 cents per litre.

22. Cool off with Local Ice Cream

In case you didn’t know, Mexico is known for having incredible ice cream. With a focus on natural ingredients like fruits, chocolate, and spices, Mexican ice cream is super creamy like gelato, but with the flavour punch you expect in Mexico.

One of the best places to try ice cream in San Miguel de Allende is Nieves Las Monjas, located at the corner of Canal and Calle del Dr Ignacio Hernandez Macias, located a 2 minute stroll from the main plaza.

This popular street stand offers a wide range of flavours from the classics to unexpected options like cajeta (a Mexican caramel made with goat milk) tequila, and mamey (an endemic fruit that tastes kind of like a brown sugar pumpkin).

They also offer an array of dairy-free options like cucumber, tamarind, and mango.

23. Trek Through the Botanical Gardens

Personally, I love a botanical garden and I never tire of looking at cacti 🌵. If you’re also a fan of the botanic arts you might like a trip to El Charco del Ingenio botanical gardens.

More rugged than the average botanical garden, El Charco is an 88 hectare nature reserve of plants, wetlands, canyon, and even a bird sanctuary.

  • Do not visit El Charco without water, sunblock, and comfortable, closed shoes. Phone signal is spotty at best so you may need to walk some before calling an Uber or taxi back to town.

El Charco is a great spot for a morning hike and even some wildlife spotting with animals like ringtails, jackrabbits, and skunks 🦨 calling the reserve home and an array of birdlife including a wide variety of hummingbirds.

The park itself has a coffee shop, store, and information centre, plus they run English tours at 10am every Tuesday and Thursday for $200MXN [$11USD/$15CAD] per person.

24. Visit Parque Benito Juárez

Parque Benito Juárez used to be an old military parade ground and is now a community hub in San Miguel de Allende. Its shady paths offer relief from the afternoon sun and make for a lovely place to relax and stroll.

A large, orange bird sculpture that is also a recycling project to collect recyclable materials at Parque Benito Juarez, San Miguel de Allende.

With a sculpture garden, tennis courts, basketball courts, lawn bowling, benches, and playgrounds there’s so many things to do here all day.

In addition to daily fun, Parque Benito Juárez is also home to quite a few events. On weekends it’s common to see art exhibits as well as community events throughout the year like the Día de los Muertos celebrations in the fall.

If you’re looking for a place to picnic or dander with a coffee, this is your spot.

25. Take a Day Trip

While there’s so much to do and see in the city, there are also many fantastic day trips from San Miguel de Allende to explore as well.

Take a first class bus to colourful Guanajuato or stunning Querétaro, one of Mexico’s oldest Spanish cities. Explore Pueblos Mágicos (Magic Towns) recognized for their authenticity and rich culture, or visit an abandoned mining Ghost Town.

The bright yellow church in Santiago de Queretaro.

There are many day trip options from San Miguel de Allende and you don’t even need a car to explore them all!

Where To Stay In San Miguel de Allende

Finding somewhere wonderful to stay in San Miguel de Allende is a breeze but there are a lot of options to choose from. Here are a few of my favourite spots:

The orange facade of Casa Florida B&B San Miguel de Allende with plant pots on the roof and a welcoming open door.

📍Mid-Range Option: Casa Florida is my favourite place to stay in San Miguel de Allende. This gorgeous, 6 room boutique hotel is spotlessly clean with incredibly comfortable and spacious rooms, two rooftop terraces, and sits just around the corner from the stunning Parroquia. It’s my go to spot in the city.

📍Luxury Option: L’Ôtel Casa Arca is the hotel at Doce-18 Concept House and when it comes to boutique luxury this is the creme de la creme in San Miguel de Allende. Featuring an outdoor pool, champagne bar, and effortlessly luxurious rooms.

Getting Around

If you’re able, one of the best ways to explore San Miguel de Allende is on foot. The streets are beautiful, the pace is ambling and it gives you an opportunity to pop in and out of shops, cafes, and markets.

Uber and DiDi are also great options for getting around San Miguel de Allende. They are quick, affordable, and safe. Plus they can really help with skipping some of the longer uphill walks.

For day trips and longer journeys I recommend using a private taxi company rather than one of the regular radio taxis. The company I use and trust is Taxi Águila because they are clean, safe, affordable, and professional. They never overcharge and are always right on time!


How Many Days Do You Need in San Miguel de Allende?

A quick 2-3 days is enough time in San Miguel de Allende to try some of the restaurants, do a little shopping, and explore a little of the centre. If you want to slow down, see more of the city, and do a day trip or two, 4-7 days is a good amount of time to spend here.

Is San Miguel de Allende Worth Visiting?

Yes! With stunning architecture, a top-notch food scene, and a safe and welcoming vibe, San Miguel de Allende is definitely worth visiting. Before visiting, I was worried it may be overrated or touristy but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly San Miguel de Allende won me over.

Is It Safe to Walk Around San Miguel de Allende?

Yes, San Miguel de Allende is a safe place to walk around both during the day and at night. In fact, walking is one of the best ways to explore this beautiful city, just watch your step for steep curbs and narrow sidewalks.

What City Do You Fly into for San Miguel de Allende?

The two best cities to fly into the San Miguel de Allende are Querétaro and León. Querétaro International Airport is the closest airport to San Miguel de Allende, but there are often more flight options from León/Bajio International Airport. Be sure to weigh your options before choosing an airport for San Miguel de Allende.

Summary: Things To Do In San Miguel de Allende

If you weren’t sure how to spend your time in San Miguel de Allende, you should be now.

With so many things to do, interesting places to visit, and delicious bites and sips around every corner, it’s easy to fill a trip to San Miguel de Allende.

My top piece of advice for visiting this beautiful city is to take it slow. Part of the magic of San Miguel de Allende is in the everyday goings on. Get lost, roam about, and discover your new favourite place.