13 BEST Day Trips From San Miguel de Allende To Take In 2024

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Ashlea J. Russell

Looking For The Best Day Trips From San Miguel de Allende?

San Miguel de Allende is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in Mexico. There’s so much to do and see right in the city, and even just wandering around is fun!

But what if you want to get out of dodge and take some day trips from San Miguel de Allende? Is there anything nearby that’s worth visiting?

Absolutely there is!

When I visited, I wanted to explore the city plus the surrounding area and I’ve put together my list of the best day trips from San Miguel de Allende so you can do the same.

The best part is, if you don’t want to rent a car, you don’t have to! I’m also giving you the best tour options and information on how to get around without a car.

Let’s go!

Day Trips From San Miguel de Allende

Glancing at a map it may seem like San Miguel de Allende isn’t really close to anything, but that’s not true!

There are plenty of excellent day trips from San Miguel de Allende and there’s really something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for history or hot springs, wine or adventure, I’ve got a day trip for you.

1. Explore the Quirky Chapel of Jimmy Ray

I spent the day at The Chapel of Jimmy Ray and this was one of my favourite day trips I did in San Miguel de Allende.

If you love weird and wonderful, off-the-beaten-path experiences then this one is for you.

Located a short drive from San Miguel de Allende, The Chapel of Jimmy Ray is a private artist compound turned gallery bursting with colour and character. This is an easy day trip that only takes 2.5 – 3 hours.

This is not your grandmother’s art gallery, and it’s a totally different experience than viewing art somewhere more polished like Fabrica la Aurora.

The Chapel of Jimmy Ray is one of the best day trips from San Miguel de Allende especially for art lovers.

For $300MXN [$16USD/$22CAD] per person you’ll be guided around the property to view and hear the stories of unique artworks, many created from garbage like broken bottles and old tires.

  • Tours run most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:30am and last about 90 minutes. Tours are mandatory and must be booked in advance by emailing Richard at [email protected]

The tour is intimate and it really feels like you’re listening to stories about an old friend and it’s so much fun to wander the property and take photos.

This is not somewhere you’ll forget in a hurry!

How to Visit the Chapel of Jimmy Ray

The Chapel of Jimmy Ray is only accessible by car. If you are driving yourself be sure to follow the directions in my Chapel of Jimmy Ray guide, and park outside the gates.

If you don’t have a car the best option is to book a taxi using a private taxi service like Taxi Águila.

This trip costs around $180MXN [$10USD/$13CAD] in each direction depending on which part of San Miguel de Allende you’re coming from.

  • Remember to prearrange your return journey. There is no internet or phone signal at the compound.

2. Take a Dip in the Hot Springs

Who doesn’t love a hot spring? There are over 130 hot springs in San Miguel de Allende, known locally as aguas termales, and some of these have been turned into day trip destinations.

There are five hot spring destinations in San Miguel de Allende, all of which are easily accessible by car or taxi.

Hot springs in this area are popular with families so it may not be the totally zen experience you’re used to but that shouldn’t deter you!

  • For a quieter experience, avoid the weekends and visit the hot springs during the week.

Local favourites like La Gruta and Escondido Place are great spots to spend a lazy day. With pools of various sizes and temperatures, on-site restaurants, and plenty of places to lounge, these make for an easy day out.

For a really special local experience try the trail riding and hot springs experience.

The day starts with a 2.5hr trail ride alongside legit Mexican cowboys, followed by authentic ranch lunch prepared by local women, and finishes off with a dip in the steamy hot springs at La Gruta or Escondido Place.

How to Visit the Hot Springs

All of the hot springs in San Miguel de Allende are easy to reach by car, private taxi, or guided tour including round trip transportation.

All of the hot springs in my hot springs guide offer free on site parking just remember to download Google Maps Offline before you leave town.

Private taxis can be quoted and booked with Taxi Águila via WhatsApp (my first choice when I visit this area).

3. Spend the Day in Santiago de Querétaro

Santiago de Querétaro, or simply just Querétaro [pronounced kay-RAY-tah-roh] is a beautiful city just an hour south of San Miguel de Allende.

Querétaro is best known for its airport and is often skipped over by visitors heading to San Miguel de Allende.

This is such a shame because Querétaro is a lovely, safe place for a day trip, or you could do what I did and spend a few nights!

The city itself is one of the oldest Spanish cities in the whole country which means it’s bursting with beautiful colonial architecture. The old town of Querétaro is known as the Historic Monuments Zone is a UNESCO World Heritage site is a safe and friendly place to wander and explore on foot.

The historic zone of Santiago de Queretaro is one of the best day trips from San Miguel de Allende.

There’s so much to do and see in Querétaro. Shop for local goods at Talento Nativo, grab churros and drinking chocolate at Fábrica De Chocolate, marvel at the towering arches of the Acueducto (aquaduct), visit the free Museum of Contemporary Art, and explore!

How to Visit Santiago de Querétaro

Querétaro is such an easy day trip from San Miguel de Allende. If you have a car the drive is very easy along a well-paved highway, just don’t make this journey at night due to animal crossings.

If you don’t have a car you can book a private taxi for around $900MXN [$53USD/$70CAD]. I highly recommend Heros Transportation, based in Querétaro for this.

But my favourite way to make this trip is by bus! Specifically ETN bus.

ETN buses are so comfortable and luxurious, it’s like flying first class but on wheels. The journey costs around $110MXN [$6.50USD/$8.50CAD] one way and it an absolute bargain.

Once you reach Querétaro you can take an authorized taxi, DiDi or Uber from the bus terminal to the old town and start exploring on foot.

4. Go Back in Time at Cañada de la Virgen Ruins

Mexico has hundreds of ruins all over the country and I always love to explore new ones wherever I go.

Cañada de la Virgen ruins are located 30km/18.5 miles southwest of San Miguel de Allende and make an excellent day trip for those looking to explore some ancient history.

The Otomí people constructed this site around 500AD and they still live in the valley today!

The site offers several interesting structures including an impressive, climbable 15m/50ft pyramid as the main attraction, pottery discovered in the excavation and a museum.

  • Unlike other archeological sites in Mexico, Cañada de la Virgen is on private land (but the ruins belong to the government). As such, this site is only accessible when accompanied by a guide.

To visit these ruins you need a guide, and boy do I have a guide for you!

Albert is the man behind the Archaeologist-Led Cañada de La Virgen Pyramid Tour but he’s not just any archaeologist, he was personally part of the excavation team that uncovered this site in 2004.

His tour includes roundtrip transportation and a full English guided tour of the site while he shares the legends of the female warrior buried here, how the site aligns with the planets and stars, and what was found inside the temple.

For anyone interested in history or archeology or just looking for a cultural day trip, this is a must.

How to Visit Cañada de la Virgen Ruins

The ruins of Cañada de la Virgen belong to the government of Mexico but they happen to lie on private land.

This means you can’t just show up and go inside!

To visit these ruins you must take a tour. Showing up without a prearrange tour could be the ruins of a perfectly good day trip (pun intended).

  • At other sites in Mexico it’s totally normal to turn up and find a guide at the gates but this is not the case with this site.

The site is managed and entry is not permitted without a licensed guide. Guides do not wait for walk ups at this site so be sure to book your Cañada de la Virgen tour in advance.

5. Visit the Birthplace of Independence

Just 45km/30 miles northwest of San Miguel de Allende lies the unassuming city of Dolores Hidalgo, that happens to be of great importance in Mexican history.

The story goes that some people in the area were growing tired of living under Spanish rule and planned an uprising for December 1810.

After their plan was rumbled, word was sent from Querétaro to the town of Dolores.

Early in the morning on September 16, 1810 Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla gathered the townspeople on the church steps and gave the famous Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores) speech.

This call to arms marked the start of the Mexican War of Independence and is recreated every year by the president and Mexicans across the country.

Naturally, any visit to Dolores Hidalgo must include a stop at the famous church. History lovers can also visit the statue of Hidalgo and the Museum of Independence.

Do a tasting at the wine museum, shop for local ceramics, or for something totally unusual, check out the Mausoleo José Alfredo Jiménez, a colourful tomb in the shape of a giant sombrero.

How to Visit Dolores Hidalgo

Dolores Hidalgo is an easy day trip from San Miguel de Allende by car, private taxi, or one of the many daily Coordinados and Flecha Amarilla buses.

The drive to Dolores Hidalgo up highway 51 is very easy but there is no phone signal so make sure you have Google Maps Offline.

Taxis on this route cost around $500MXN [$30USD/$40CAD] in each direction. Ubers are quite a bit cheaper but you likely won’t be able to get one for the return journey.

6. Taste Local Mexican Wines at a Viñedo

When I knew I was visiting Mexican wine country my first instinct was the find a vineyard of course! Most of the vineyards in this wine region are located just south of Querétaro City but there also happen to be a few great ones near San Miguel de Allende.

The most popular and well known vineyard in the area is Tres Raíces. This is a very modern, very swanky vineyard located about half an hour north of San Miguel de Allende.

If you decide to take a wine tour from San Miguel de Allende, this is going to be the vineyard you visit.

For those looking for a more affordable experience or to do something a little off-the-beaten-path, I recommend Vinícola Toyan.

This boutique organic winery is owned by local lady, Martha Molina who also happens to grow the grapes and make the wine, with the help of her trusty team.

One of the best vineyards in San Miguel de Allende is Vinícola Toyan which is totally unique.

This vineyard is totally unusual with gargoyles, a chapel, statues, and trees with carved faces dotted throughout the property.

Plus the tastings take place in an out of this world, subterranean wine cave.

Vinícola Toyan offers tours in English and Spanish with three different packages to choose from.

  • English tours are available on Fridays at 12pm and 2pm, and Saturdays at 11am, 1pm and 3pm only.

The Recorrido Plata (Silver Tour) includes a tasting of four wines in the wine cave for $490MXN [$28USD/$35CAD].

For $690MXN [$40USD/$50CAD] you can take the Recorrido Oro (Gold Tour) which includes everything in the silver tour plus a tour of the vineyard.

Finally, the Recorrido Diamante (Diamond Tour) includes a tour of the vineyard plus a VIP tasting of 5 wines with gourmet sandwich pairings for $99MXN [$57USD/$77CAD].

How to Visit the Wineries

The best way to visit the wineries is by private taxi. My favourite company Taxi Águila, will do this route for around $250MXN [$14.50USD/$19CAD] in each direction depending on where you’re coming from.

Plus you can prearrange a pick up (I recommend doing this) with them so you don’t need to worry about not having phone and internet signal.

If you want to take an Uber or DiDi you can do so for around $240MXN [$14USD/$18.50CAD] but it’s important to note that you will not be able to get an Uber back.

Unless you have a designated driver, don’t drive to the wineries. If you do have a DD then both Tres Raíces and Vinícola Toyan are easy to reach and they both have parking.

And if you prefer to not do any thinking, you can take an organized tour to Tres Raíces which includes round trip transportation, tour of the vineyard, and a tasting of 5 wines with charcuterie pairings.

7. Wander the Colourful Streets of Guanajuato

Guanajuato is like a gorgeous little Crayola explosion set to a backdrop of mountains.

The winding colonial streets, narrow alleyways and colourful buildings has this city competing for most beautiful place in Mexico.

What once was the world leader in silver mining is now a historic city filled with gorgeous architecture that is protected by UNESCO.

Romantics can find the famous and enchanting Callejon del Beso (the Alley of the Kiss), the brave can visit the Museum of Mummies and everyone will enjoy the panoramic view from Monumento al Pipila.

One of the best ways to see Guanajuato is on foot, so I recommend that you start your day trip off with a like-a-local walking tour.

Once you’ve learned about the history of the city and gotten local advice on how to spend your time you’ll be ready to explore on your own!

How to Visit Guanajuato

Taking a day trip to Guanajuato from San Miguel de Allende is pretty straight forward and can be done by car, taxi, tour, or bus.

The drive to Guanajuato takes about an hour and a half and is mostly along one highway. It’s possible to take an Uber there for around $800MXN [$45USD/$60CAD] but getting back could be more challenging so you may need another route home.

Taxis will cost almost double the price of an Uber.

My top pick for travelling from San Miguel de Allende to Guanajuato would be by bus. ETN runs multiple luxury buses per day at around $500MXN [$28USD/$38CAD] round trip.

For a complete experience you can book this Private Guanajuato Tour which includes transportation and a private guide!

8. Head to a Ghost Town

Okay, so it’s not quiet a ghost town anymore but it used to be, twice, and has now been resurrected for the third time!

Mineral de Pozos is a small town located about an hour northeast of San Miguel de Allende and is a fantastic day trip spot in the area.

This town was once a thriving silver mining town that was later abandoned, resettled, abandoned again after the Mexican War of Independence, and is now a town of about 2,000 people.

At Mineral de Pozos one of the best things to do is visit the abandoned mines at Santa Brígida complete with picturesque archways and stone furnaces.

Mineral de Pozos is an excellent San Miguel de Allende day trip with a ghost town, abandoned mines and seasonal lavender fields.

Another unexpected surprise of this town is the Lavender Ranch. For $25MXN [$1.50USD/$2CAD] you can access the ranch and take Instaworthy photos in the lavender fields (visit June – August for the most vibrant purples).

For something completely different check out Spa Caliche. This hidden spot offers a unique spa experience you may not believe is real.

While they offer typical spa treatments they also offer a full menu of therapeutic wooden hot tub experiences. You can take your pick and soak in a tub of beer, coffee, mezcal, or wine, to name a few.

(Bet you didn’t see ☝🏻 that ☝🏻 recommendation coming!)

How to Visit Mineral de Pozos

The easiest way to visit Mineral de Pozos is by car. The drive takes around an hour along two main highways.

If you don’t have a car you really have two options. Your first option is to take a private taxi for around $650MXN [$40USD/$50CAD] in each direction.

Or for a more budget-friendly option you can travel by bus. There are no direct buses from San Miguel de Allende to Mineral de Pozos so you will need to travel via Dolores Hidalgo.

First you will take a bus from San Miguel de Allende to Dolores Hidalgo, and then take a bus from Dolores Hidalgo to San Luis de la Paz.

Once you get this far it’s just a short 15 minute taxi to Mineral de Pozos.

All in all the journey will take around 3 hours and cost about $260MXN [$15USD/$20CAD] in each direction.

To give yourself some breathing room you could spend the night in Mineral de Pozos or nearby San Luis de la Paz.

9. Chase Adrenaline at an Eco-Adventure Park

San Miguel de Allende isn’t all architecture and history! There’s also plenty of opportunity for a little adventure.

A day trip to San Miguel de Allende Parque de Aventuras is the perfect way to raise the heart rate! This eco-adventure park is located just outside the city, less than a 20 minute drive from centro.

This park features:

  • 7 Ziplines (and one over a canyon!)
  • ATVing
  • Suspension Bridge
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Horseback Riding
  • Hiking
  • Biking

They also offers packages like the Zipline and Suspension Bridge Package and my personal favourite, the ATV and Zipline Package. What can I say? I’m a sucker for an ATV!

How to Visit the Eco-Adventure Park

San Miguel de Allende Parque de Aventuras is a quick 20 minute drive from Centro or about $100MXN [$5.85USD/$7.80CAD] by Uber or DiDi. Expect to wait a little longer and pay a little more on the return.

Alternatively you can book a private taxi like Taxi Águila for pick up and drop off.

Unfortunately this area is not served by local buses so an Uber or taxi is your best choice.

Weekend Trips From San Miguel de Allende

If you’ve got more than a day to spare, there are a few weekend trips from San Miguel de Allende that are well worth the journey. Here are my favourite picks for a weekend away.

11. Visit the Pueblo Mágicos of Querétaro

I’ve already mentioned Santiago de Querétaro but this time I’m talking about the state of Querétaro.

There are a total of 6 Pueblos Mágicos in Querétaro, all located near each other except for Jalpan which is situated in the Sierra Gorda Bioreserve:

  • Amealco
  • Bernal
  • Cadereyta de Montes
  • Jalpan
  • San Joaquín
  • Tequisquiapan

With a car you could easily visit all five of the central pueblos in one weekend but for a slower pace, or without a car I recommend focusing on Bernal and Tequisquiapan.

Visiting the Pueblos Magicos of Queretaro is an easy weekend trip from San Miguel de Allende.

Bernal is located 110km/68 miles southeast of San Miguel de Allende and is a gorgeous little town with a special feature, Peña de Bernal the third largest monolith in the world.

The monolith is open for activities like hiking, climbing, and rappelling.

The town itself has beautiful architecture, excellent food (like their famous gorditas), a sightseeing tram and is a wonderful place to roam and shop.

About 30 minutes from Bernal is the charming town of Tequisquiapan, best known for it’s pink church. Visit the craft markets, wander the picture perfect streets and just take it easy.

These towns also happen to be part of the Wine and Cheese Route, which is exactly what it sounds like!

You can find plenty of vineyards to stop into including the world famous prosecco maker Freixenet.

How to Visit the Pueblo Mágicos of Querétaro

If you have a car you’re in luck and if you don’t, we can still make it work!

I recommend basing yourself in the town of Bernal which is about an hour and a half drive from San Miguel de Allende. From here you can explore the surrounding areas with ease.

Alternatively, the bus from San Miguel de Allende to Querétaro takes around an hour and then you can switch to a local bus or take an Uber 45 minutes to Bernal for $600MXN [$35USD/$45CAD].

The town of Bernal is walkable and has little tuk-tuks that you can take to get around if you don’t feel like walking.

Taxis from Bernal to Tequisquiapan cost around $190MXN [$11USD/$15CAD] in each direction.

For a really amazing experience, stay in the Zidada Chalets. These gorgeous chalets are steps from the centre of Bernal and feature unobstructed views of the Peña de Bernal.

12. Explore the Jaw Dropping Grutas Tolantongo

Grutas Tolantongo is a Mexican bucket list item and it’s easy to see why.

Situated in the neighbouring state of Hidalgo, this jaw dropping destination looks like something out of a dream. The gorgeous turquoise grottos sit in the mountains, overlooking incredible scenery that will take your breath away.

The journey from San Miguel de Allende is about 3.5 hours by car so to make the most of your time here I recommend spending at least one night.

With a full day you can explore most of the park which features grottos, waterfalls, a natural tunnel, suspension bridge, trekking trails, zipline, a thermal river, and thermal pools.

Grutas Tolantongo is a thermal hot spring dream and makes an excellent weekend trip from San Miguel de Allende.
Grutas Tolantongo is a thermal hot spring dream and makes an excellent day trip from Queretaro.

There are even shuttle buses in the park to help you get from attraction to attraction.

Entrance is only $180MXN [$11USD/$14CAD] Per Person which is incredible bang for your buck! You can spend the night in the nearby town or camp on the grounds, whatever floats your boat!

How to Visit Grutas Tolantongo

To visit Grutas Tolantongo you will need to drive yourself for take a day trip. The drive to Grutas Tolantongo takes about 3.5 hours from San Miguel de Allende but is pretty straight forward and along decent highways.

This area has a few toll roads so check your route on Google Maps before you leave and keep some cash handy.

There are people in the toll booths who provide change.

Making this journey is tricky without a car since it’s not well served by public transit. The best way to get here would be to take a Grutas Tolantongo day trip from Querétaro.

13. Marvel at the Sierra Gorda

Outdoor enthusiasts rejoice!

The Sierra Gorda is a protected biosphere reserve and offers one of the most dramatic landscapes you’ll see anywhere in Mexico.

Carved out of steep mountains and sweeping valleys, this area of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains has to be seen to be believed.

Camping, waterfalls, canyoning, hiking, cloud forest, jungle, bird watching, caves, fishing, the list goes on and on!

The Pueblo Mágico of Jalpan de Serra is located in the biosphere and is home to the UNESCO protected Franciscan Missions and this town works as a great jumping off point for exploring the rest of the reserve.

How to Visit the Sierra Gorda

The drive from San Miguel de Allende to the edge of the Sierra Gorda is about 2 hours. Once you enter the biosphere the terrain becomes very rugged and the road starts to wind. This will slow you down and makes the drive to Jalpan more like 4 hours.

  • The road is in good condition but beware of winding roads, rain, and wildlife. Do not drive this road at night and make sure your gas tank is full.

If you don’t have a car you can still visit this area. First, take one of the many buses per day from San Miguel de Allende to Querétaro, then take one of the three daily buses by Primera Plus from Querétaro to Jalpan de Serra and this takes 5-6 hours.

If a bus ride through the mountains doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time you’re in luck.

There are two excellent English-speaking tour options from Querétaro for you to choose from.

You can do a small group day trip to the Sierra Gorda which will cover all the highlights, best view points, and some truly stunning doable hikes along with roundtrip transportation.

The other option is an all-inclusive overnight camping trip guided by local English-speaking professionals.

This tour includes round trip transportation from Querétaro as well as everything you could possible need to camp in the Sierra Gorda.

Visit the of Pueblo Mágico of San Joaquín, go kayaking on the river, hike to the waterfalls, spot wildlife, sip wine by the campfire. This one is a real memory-maker.

Getting Around San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is one of the easier parts of Mexico to get around. The city itself is super walkable and with ample Ubers and DiDis, you’ll have no problem getting around.

But what about when you leave town?

There are a few ways to make day trips from San Miguel de Allende and no, you don’t need a car! So let’s explore your options.

Taxis & Drivers

Other than organized tours, taxis and private taxis are the easiest way to do day trips from San Miguel de Allende. While regular taxis are fine, I highly recommend using a private taxi firm for these journeys.

My top choice for private taxis in San Miguel de Allende is Taxi Águila. This is who I use in San Miguel de Allende because they are safe, clean, reliable and are often cheaper than authorized taxis.

Taxi Aguila is a safe and reliable private taxi company for day trips from San Miguel de Allende.
My Taxi Águila driver for the day

When you leave San Miguel de Allende cell service is spotty, if not non-existent. Taxi Águila allows you to prearrange your pick ups via WhatsApp so you know someone is coming to get you at the end of your day trip.

I prearranged multiple pick ups with Taxi Águila and even though I couldn’t get signal to confirm or check in, they showed up right on time.

It’s easy to quote and book Taxi Águila via WhatsApp.

Buses in Mexico

First class buses in Mexico are one of my favourite ways to get around! They are safe, reliable, comfortable, and affordable. Not to mention the nicest standard of bus I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

Travelling by bus in Mexico is a great way to get around, especially on more popular routes like city to city journeys.

The best bus service operating out of San Miguel de Allende is ETN (this is also my favourite bus service in all of Mexico). You can use ETN buses to visit Guanajuato and Querétaro as well as destinations further afield like Mexico City and Guadalajara.

With plenty of bus service, you don't need a car to take day trips from San Miguel de Allende.

For trips to smaller towns like Dolores Hidalgo your best bet is Coordinados. These buses are not as luxurious as ETN but are still considered first class.

Renting a Car

If complete freedom is what you long for renting a car is an obvious choice.

I don’t generally recommend renting a car when staying in San Miguel de Allende because it’s really not necessary and it comes with some challenges.

Because San Miguel de Allende is a colonial town that is hundreds of years old the streets are very narrow. There are lots of one way streets that can be hard to navigate and parking is limited, especially during busier times.

If you’re planning to spend the majority of your time in San Miguel de Allende itself I recommend you forego a rental and either walk or use taxis, Ubers and DiDis to get around.

If you have your heart set on having your own vehicle there are a few safety tips you should keep in mind for driving in Mexico.

  • Download Google Maps Offline before leaving town
  • Never run low on gas and always carry cash to fill up
  • Watch out for speed bumps, chains and spikes on the road
  • Prepare for construction delays and detours
  • Do not drive out of town at night

Visiting San Miguel de Allende FAQs

You’ve got questions about San Miguel de Allende and I’ve got answers.

Do You Need a Car in San Miguel de Allende?

No, you do not need a car in San Miguel de Allende! In fact, I recommend against getting a car here! San Miguel de Allende is a colonial city with narrow, one way streets and minimal parking which can make a car a bit of a burden.

San Miguel de Allende is super walkable and with Uber, DiDi, and excellent private taxi companies like Taxi Águila, you’ll have no problem getting around.

How Many Days Is Enough in San Miguel de Allende?

How long you spend in San Miguel de Allende really depends on what you want to do there. 2-3 days would be enough to explore the city and try some of the excellent restaurants and rooftop bars.

If you want to include day trips to areas around San Miguel de Allende I recommend spending 4-7 days here.

Is It Worth Going to San Miguel de Allende?

It is absolutely worth going to San Miguel de Allende! To be totally honest, I was on the fence before I visited this city and I asked myself this same question.

After having visited I can say with confidence that San Miguel de Allende is a safe city full of gorgeous architecture, excellent food, and friendly people, and it is absolutely worth visiting.

Summary: Day Trips From San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a wonderful place and one of my favourite spots that I’ve visited in Mexico.

And while the city is fantastic, there are so many excellent day trips from San Miguel de Allende, no matter what your interest.

After reading this post you should feel confident making these memorable day trips, even if you don’t have a car!

Whether it’s camping in the mountains, soaking in a beer tub or exploring a quirky art gallery, there are so many memories just waiting to be made.