The easiest way to get to Puerto Escondido is by direct flight from Mexico City.

Travel Resources

Let’s face it, travellers have a lot of options, so I wanted to make a shortlist of some of my favourite and most trusted travel services to help you on your way. If you’ve ever booked a hotel you’ve probably heard of I like because they offer flexible booking options, good prices, and they also feature smaller, local accommodation options you won’t find with the big guys. This is a great way to find guesthouses, serviced apartments and boutique properties.

BusBud: Buses are a fantastic way to get around Mexico. The ADO bus network is extensive and offers comfortable and affordable first class bus travel. The only problem is, the website and ticket booths are only in Spanish. BusBud allows you to view your options and book your bus tickets in English!

DiscoverCars: Renting a car in Mexico can be confusing, especially if you don’t speak Spanish. DiscoverCars allows you to search all your options and pick the one that is best for you, in a language you understand.

Radical Storage: Have you ever checked out of your accommodation and had time to kill before your flight? Radical Storage offers conveniently located luggage storage for as cheap as a few bucks a day.

SafetyWing: This is a great travel insurance provider that is widely used and trusted by travel professionals and digital nomads. SafetyWing covers people from all over the world and also offers longer plans for remote workers and long-term travellers.

Skycanner: If you aren’t familiar with Skyscanner, it is a website that essentially searches the internet for flight deals so you don’t have to. It’s a great way to find options, get an idea of current pricing and check out possible routes.

Viator: Viator is the world’s largest marketplace for booking activities and tours. They offer a huge variety of tours from private, to small group, to cheap and cheerful coach options. Through Viator you can find everything from cooking classes to adventure activities to street food tours and more.