The Truffled Esquite Tostada is my favourite item on the Tostevere menu.

Tostévere, San Miguel de Allende Review: A Hidden Gem?

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Ashlea J. Russell

Is Tostévere a hidden gem or just another restaurant?

Spoiler Alert: Tostévere is an absolute hidden gem of the stunning and safe city of San Miguel de Allende and one of my favourite restaurants I visited while there.

For those in the know, San Miguel de Allende is one of the most popular foodie destinations in all of Mexico. Locals and visitors alike travel from near and far to indulge in the restaurant scene here.

When I visited San Miguel de Allende I knew that prices were higher than other parts of Mexico and I hoped the restaurant bar would rise to match it.

When I visit a new part of Mexico I like to seek out hidden gems that are overlooked by other travel writers and in San Miguel de Allende, this quest took me to Tostévere. And boy, am I glad it did.

About Tostévere, San Miguel de Allende

Tostévere is an eclectic Mexican fusion restaurant made for foodies, by foodies. Located a downhill, winding 5 minute walk from Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, it’s easy to miss this tiny gem.

The walk down to Tostévere is easy, but the walk up can be a challenge with the very steep hills.

  • Every seat, including bar spots are open for reservation. I was not able to walk in solo on a Tuesday night, so I strongly recommend you make a reservation.

Small plates range from $95MXN [$5.30USD/$7CAD] to $290MXN [$16USD/$22CAD] per plate depending on ingredients. Signature cocktails range from $160MXN [$9USD/$12CAD] to $190MXN [$10.50USD/$14.50CAD].

Tostevere is one of the best value restaurants in San Miguel de Allende.

Prices like these, alongside the incredible quality provided make Tostévere one of the best value places I visited in all of San Miguel de Allende.

Tostévere Quick Guide

  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Price Point: $$
  • Food: Eclectic Mexican Fusion Small Plates
  • Drinks: Signature Cocktails, Wine, Beer
  • Hours: Mon/Wed/Thu 1pm – 9pm, Fri/Sat 2pm – 10pm, Sun 1pm – 7pm, Closed Tues
  • Reservations: I strongly encourage reservations. Book Here.

The Vibe

This tiny restaurant is comprised of a handful of tables and spots at the bar. The first night I tried to visit Tostévere they were fully booked but I was able to reserve a single seat for the following night.

When I arrived for my reservation I was welcomed and escorted to my seat at the bar which had a comfy cushion and a little reservada sign on it. I was greeted by the resident bartender, Adan, who spoke excellent English and Spanish and did a fantastic job taking care of me.

Tostevere is a small restaurant and reservations are required.

The space at Tostévere is intimate but comfortable. The cold stone walls balance against warm wood furniture, with vibrant Mexican cushions adding a cozy touch.

The crowd during my visit was a mix of couples on a romantic date, friends chatting and laughing, and solo diners like myself enjoying the buzz.

Tostévere is not a family-friendly restaurant but is perfect for any adult looking for an elevated but warm experience.

The Food

The food at Tostévere is limited to a small, handwritten menu, and while they’re low on options, they’re big on flavour.

The menu is divided into three sections, Entrees/Sides, Tostadas, and Desserts, along with a soup and sandwich offering.

The Entrees/Sides include vegetarian options like Roasted Beet Salad and an Avocado Tatemado Taco, along with favourites like Soft Shell Crab Wraps, and Serrano Ham Pizzetas.

But for me, the star of the show is the Tostada menu. Octopus, tuna, short rib, ceviche, cauliflower the list goes on! These toasted discs, piled high with toppings are flavour bombs that no one should miss.

  • Don’t be shy! Tostadas are finger food. Pick it up and take a bite, no one is watching. The trick is to eat around the outsides first so the centre doesn’t collapse.

While everything I tried was amazing, the dish I dream about is the Truffled Esquites Tostada. This is a crispy tostada, topped with a mountain of spicy Mexican street corn and crowned with a truffle and dill cream.

The Truffled Esquite Tostada is my favourite item on the Tostevere menu.

Corn is such an icon of Mexican cuisine and that I knew I had to try this dish and it was a 10/10.

The dessert menu is wee, with only flamed bananas or sauteed figs, paired with homemade ice cream, each at $160MXN [$9USD/$12CAD] a piece. Or you can do what I did, and drink your dessert instead.

The Drinks

What I love about Mexico is that they take their drinks just as seriously as they take their food. And true to Mexican form, Tostévere was a far cry from phoning it in.

The cocktail menu is a tidy six drinks long, but I’m confident they could whip up anything you wanted.

The cocktail list at Tostevere is small but mighty.

I asked my bartender, Adan, what he recommended from the list and without hesitation he suggested the signature Smokey Mezcal.

At only $190MXN [$10.50USD/$14.50CAD], a pretty conservative price for drinks in San Miguel de Allende, I didn’t know I’d be getting a drink and a show.

The Smokey Mezcal is like a mezcal margarita with a spicy rim, topped with a fluffy, homemade coconut cream and a sprig of rosemary that is ceremoniously lit on fire and served smoking.

The Smokey Mezcal is served smoking at your table and bursting with flavour.

If cocktails aren’t your thing you can also choose from a selection of wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. But if cocktails are your thing, take this recommendation.

  • The Smokey Mezcal is the best cocktail I had in San Miguel de Allende, including much more expensive cocktails at very high profile rooftops.

Summary: Tostévere, San Miguel de Allende

Much of my time in San Miguel de Allende was spent wining and dining, because what else is a girl to do in a foodie destination?

I can honestly say that Tostévere is my favourite place that I visited in San Miguel de Allende. The food is incredible, the drinks can compete with any of the top bars and lounges in the city, and they do it for a fantastic price.

Tostévere is the sort of place that takes pride in what they do, and they do it so well. The unassuming, unpretentious atmosphere makes it feel like a well-kept secret, and only those in know get to enjoy it.

Whether you’re looking to try lots of dishes for dinner, or just some snacks with cocktails, I can’t recommend Tostévere enough. Any visit to San Miguel de Allende requires a stop here.