Complete Querétaro Airport Guide 2024

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Ashlea J. Russell

Wondering What To Expect At Querétaro Airport? This Guide Has All The Answers!

If you’re headed to San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro, or even Hidalgo, there’s a chance that Querétaro International Airport could be the most convenient airport for your journey.

This airport is located just 30 minutes from the city of Santiago de Querétaro and at only 1hr 20mins, is the closest airport to beautiful San Miguel de Allende in neighbouring Guanajuato.

I’ve personally used Querétaro International Airport for both arrivals and departures and I’ve put together this guide to answer any questions you may have from what to expect to amenities, services, and beyond.

So let’s get into it!

Querétaro International Airport Overview

Querétaro International Airport, or simply Querétaro Airport, is a small but modern airport located approximately 30 minutes drive from Santiago de Querétaro.

Comprised of only one main passenger terminal, this airport is compact and easy to navigate. As it is on the smaller side, this airport has many of the amenities of a larger airport, just on a smaller scale.

Put it this way, it’s a convenient airport but I wouldn’t rely on it having everything you might need.

QRO Quick Guide

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Accommodation: None
  • ATM: Inside Terminal Doors
  • Car Rental: Yes
  • Charging Ports: Limited
  • Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard Accepted
  • Currency Exchange: Yes
  • Food: Bar, Coffee Shops, Restaurant, Snack Bar
  • Lounge: Airside – Priority Pass and Walk Ins $36USD
  • Luggage Storage: None
  • Parking: Paid, First Hour From $35MXN [$2USD/$2.75CAD]
  • SIM Card: None
  • Showers: None
  • Shopping: Duty Free, Handbags, Souvenir Shop
  • Transportation: Authorized Taxis, Private Taxis, Shuttle Service
  • WiFi: Free

Arriving At Querétaro Airport

Arriving at Querétaro Airport is somewhat of a slow process. Immigration is generally understaffed for the volume of arriving passengers so expect a bit of a wait, even when the airport is quiet.

As of 2023 Querétaro Airport does not require the FMM travel document to enter or depart Mexico. On arrival you will tell the officer how long you need in Mexico and receive a passport stamp with a number of days and date you must depart by.

  • Check this date before leaving the desk to avoid any immigration fines for overstaying your visa on your departure. It’s a good idea to ask for a few extra days to cover any unexpected delays or changes to your return trip.

Customs on the other hand is quick and easy as long you’re not carrying prohibited items such as unpackaged food. You may be selected randomly (or for a reason) for additional customs screening which just starts with an x-ray of your bags. If you’re following the rules, you’ll have nothing to worry about here.

Plane arriving into Queretaro International Airport with the lights of the city lit up below.

After collecting your luggage you’ll head through to the main arrivals area where you will find seats, strong WiFi, a restaurant, and a few small shops.

Outside the main door to the left you will find the authorized taxi booth and the rental car vendor area.

There is minimal walking involved and once you clear immigration you’re out the door in a matter of minutes.

Departing From Querétaro Airport

Although the airport is small, when departing from Querétaro on an international flight I recommend giving yourself plenty of time at the airport.

When I flew from Querétaro Airport earlier this year I was travelling carry-on only and checked in online in advance, as is my typical process. However, my plans to glide through security were foiled when I found out international departures must be processed at the check in desk.

The departures hall at Queretaro Airport will travellers waiting in lines leading to various airline check in desks.

The check in desk will check your passport stamp to ensure you didn’t overstay your visa, print you a paper boarding pass and of course check any bags you need to check.

Once checked in you’ll head down to the end of the departures hall and take an escalator to the second floor where you’ll find security.

Security at Querétaro Airport has up to six lanes feeding into three metal detectors, all of which were open when I was flying. There was plenty of friendly staff processing people very quickly so this was a totally painless experience.

Unlike larger airports that have seating at the individual gates, this airport has all the seating for all five gates in the middle of the space with shops and other retailers surrounding.

  • Outlets for charging are very limited and can only be found on the few pillars in the middle of the space. I recommend using a portable power bank.

There is not much to do or see once you clear security at Querétaro Airport.

In the departures lounge you will find a Starbucks (definitely the busiest business here), a bar kiosk, a few small shops selling things like water and leather handbags, and a couple of small snack shops.

The departures lounge at Queretaro Airport full of passengers waiting for their flights and a Starbucks in the background.

  • There is a small lounge in this area that can be accessed for $36USD. I would recommend skipping this as it’s very small and only offers beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), no food.

Heading toward the Starbucks you’ll find a staircase to the mezzanine level where there is a restaurant with a full menu. The food is fine but if you can, I recommend eating before heading to the airport.

Getting To And From Querétaro Airport

Getting to and from Querétaro Airport is easy if you know how! There are a few different options and you should consider all of them before making your decision.

By Bus

The cheapest way to get to and from Querétaro Airport is by bus which costs $76MXN [$4.30USD/$6CAD] in each direction. The bus runs directly between the airport and Querétaro Bus Terminal without making stops, so you will also need to get yourself to or from the bus terminal.

  • This is the only bus service serving Querétaro Airport. There is no bus service from Querétaro Airport to San Miguel de Allende.

Typically buses are an excellent way to travel in Mexico but the drawback of this bus service is that it is extremely limited. Buses depart Querétaro Airport at 10:30am, 1pm, 4pm and 6pm daily.

Buses to Querétaro Airport depart from the bus terminal at 8:40am, 12pm, 2:30pm and 5pm daily.

  • Bus schedules are subject to change so these times may not always be accurate.

Tickets can be purchased at the bus terminal or at the Coordinados booth in the arrivals hall.

By Shuttle

There are currently no airport shuttles that run from Querétaro Airport into Santiago de Querétaro however there are shuttles that run to San Miguel de Allende.

If you’re headed to San Miguel de Allende the cheapest option is taking a shuttle with BajioGo.

BajioGo is the most reliable and trusted shuttle service for San Miguel de Allende. The company is based locally in San Miguel de Allende and offers regular and affordable English-speaking shuttle service in clean and comfortable vehicles.

  • As this is a shared service you may need to wait up to 20 minutes for other passengers.

Shuttles cost around $480MXN [$30USD/$40CAD] one way from Querétaro Airport to San Miguel de Allende.

By Taxi

Taking a taxi is the easiest and most convenient way to get to and from the airport in Querétaro. When it comes to airport taxis you have two options, authorized taxis or private taxis.

Authorized taxis can be found outside the terminal door to the left, you can’t miss it. You will purchase a ticket using cash or card from the person in the booth and hand that ticket to a driver.

Authorized taxi rates are fixed and the current rate to Santiago de Querétaro is $350MXN [$20USD/$27.50CAD]. These taxis are readily available, even if you’re arriving late at night and are a safe way to travel.

The other option is to use a private taxi service, which is what I did on my last trip to Querétaro.

Heros Transportation waiting for a passenger to arrive with Queretaro Airport in the background.

The company I trust and recommend is Heros Transportation. This locally owned and operated company are friendly and professional. They speak excellent English, the vehicles are new and modern and most importantly, the prices are very fair.

A trip from the airport to Santiago de Querétaro runs around $400MXN [$22.50USD/$31CAD] with Heros. They will track your flight, stay in communication with you via WhatsApp and pick you up right at the door as promised.

Heros serves the entire state of Querétaro and surrounding area so you can also use them for trips to other areas like San Miguel de Allende, which costs around $900MXN [$51USD/$70CAD].

By Uber & DiDi

Both Uber and DiDi serve Querétaro Airport. A typical fare from the airport to Santiago de Querétaro in the basic level of ride would be around $390MXN [$22USD/$30CAD].

Because Querétaro Airport is about 30 minutes from the city and there’s nothing around, it can take a while to be matched with a driver.

It’s important to remember that the area right in front of the doors is reserved for authorized taxis so your Uber or DiDi driver will not be able to stop here.

Typically they will park or stop somewhere further back or further ahead and you’ll need to use the app and your eyes to spot them.

If you’re arriving late, have a long journey, or just enjoy convenience, it may be worth it to spring for the extra few pesos and book a private taxi.

Querétaro Airport Hotels

Although Querétaro Airport is located 30 minutes from the city there is only one small hotel near the airport.

This can pose a challenge to some travellers, looking to spend the night before continuing on to somewhere other than Querétaro itself. In fact, this is something I faced myself!

Hotels Closest To Querétaro Airport

The closest accommodation options to Querétaro Airport in order of distance are:

A map of the closest hotels in relation to Querétaro Airport.

Casa Antares is the closest option to the airport at only 8 minutes. This newly opened hotel is small but comfortable. They offer a shuttle service for $100MXN [$6USD/$8CAD] roundtrip per person which can be arranged at booking.

They offer free parking and good WiFi, in a peaceful setting with rooms starting at $65USD/$90CAD per night.

  • This hotel is in a remote location. They offer continental breakfast and a paid dinner service 7:30pm – 8pm nightly. There are no shops nearby and UberEats will not serve this area.

Hotel de Tierra Viñedo y Spa is the next closest option to the airport and is also the most luxurious. This new boutique hotel offers a handful of rooms set within the grounds of a vineyard. They have a spa, large indoor hot tub, cheese shop, bar as well as a restaurant. Rooms start at $150USD/$210CAD.

  • The location of this hotel is fairly remote, there are no restaurants or shops nearby. Check in closes at 8pm and the restaurant closes at 5:30pm through the week and 7:30pm on the weekend.

One Querétaro Aeropuerto is the next closest option and is the cheapest with rooms starting at $55USD/$75CAD per night. This is a fairly basic 3* chain hotel and a clean place to lay your head for the night. Check in is available all through the night and snacks are for sale in the lobby however the WiFi is not the best.

  • This hotel is situated on a highway. The nearest restaurant is a 6 minute walk over a pedestrian bridge. There is an OXXO and 24 hour Tim Hortons 6 minutes walk along the highway but there is no sidewalk.

The Latit Hotel Querétaro is a traditional hacienda style 4* hotel. Check in is available all night at the 24 hour reception and the onsite restaurant serves food until 11pm. The hotel also offers an outdoor pool, games room, bar, and terrace. Rooms start at $118USD/$165CAD per night.

Staying In Querétaro City

Given that the city is only 30 minutes from Querétaro Airport, the other option is just to stay there, which is what I opted to do.

Santiago de Querétaro is a safe and beautiful city that is often overlooked in favour of the better known San Miguel de Allende. If you’re short on time you can book one night in Querétaro where you can at least have a delicious dinner and wander around the historic centre.

If you have more time to spare I recommend adding a couple of nights to your stay. Querétaro has so much to do and see that you could easily fill a few days or a weekend exploring.

A view of a beautiful yellow church in Queretaro with lush green trees and bright blue skies.

📍Best Budget Spot in QuerétaroSeptimo Hostal adults-only hostel located a short walk from the old train station and about 10 minutes to Centro. This trendy but comfy hostel offers private and dorm rooms and shared amenities include kitchen, restaurant, terrace, WiFi and excellent customer service. Bunks start at $15USD/$20CAD per night.

📍Best Mid-Range Spot in Querétaro: Hotel Mamá Carlota is a gorgeous and welcoming little boutique, situated steps from the bustle of the historic centre. All of the rooms are clean, cute and comfy and more importantly, soundproofed (this matters in Mexico!). The rooms also include private patios, private bathroom, good WiFi and TV. Rooms start at $65USD/$90CAD per night.

📍Best Luxury Spot in Querétaro: Hotel Casa Once is my favourite place to stay in Querétaro. This stunning boutique hotel is new and comes with all the modern touches while maintaining the historic charm of the city.

A room at Casa Once hotel in Queretaro with a natural stone wall, warm wood accents and a fluffy inviting king bed.

The location is super walkable and convenient, the rooms are spacious and beautiful and the bed is like sleeping on a cloud. The plunge pool is refreshing and turns into a hot tub at night, so grab a beer from the honour bar and sink in. Rooms start at $150USD/$200CAD a night including amazing Mexican breakfast and WiFi.

Querétaro Airport Car Rental

If you’re looking to rent a car, no one can say Querétaro Airport doesn’t have options. Querétaro Airport is bursting with rental car agencies so honestly, shop around and take your pick.

Here’s a list of the agencies currently operating out of Querétaro International Airport:

  • Alamo
  • America Car Rentals
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Economy Rent a Car
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar (Keddy)
  • Firefly
  • Fox Rent A Car
  • Green Motion
  • Hertz
  • Infinity
  • Mex Rent A Car
  • National
  • Nu Car Rentals
  • Payless
  • Thrifty
  • Viajero Car Rental

If you decide to rent a car during your time in the Querétaro area my top advice to you is to shop around and make sure you have all the pricing information in full before signing.

Mexico is notorious for having very reasonable rental car rates for as little as $7USD/$10CAD per day, but where it really stings for foreigners is insurance.

Insurance is mandatory in Mexico and often international insurance policies don’t cover driving in Mexico. Most car rental agencies will also not accept third party coverage such as through a credit card or travel insurance policy.

The cost of rental car insurance in Mexico has been known to double or triple the cost of a rental, sometimes more. So you want to be sure you have all the information before you commit.


You’ve got questions about Querétaro International Airport and I’ve got answers!

Is There Another Name for Querétaro Airport?

Querétaro International Airport is often shortened to Querétaro Airport, or its airport code of QRO. There is no other name for this airport.

How Busy Is Querétaro Airport?

Querétaro Airport is not a busy airport but it can be slow so I would allow extra time. I recently flew into Querétaro Airport at night and although we were the only flight arriving it took about an hour to clear immigration and customs.

When I arrived at Querétaro Airport for my departing flight they were not accepting mobile boarding passes. All passengers had to queue and be processed manually.

The good news is, the airport is small so once you make it through these processes it’s a short walk to the exit or security.

How Many Terminals Does QRO Have?

QRO has one main passenger terminal which is small and modern, serving both international and domestic flights. Querétaro Airport also has an air cargo terminal and private aviation terminal.

Does Querétaro Airport Have WiFi?

Querétaro Airport offers free WiFi throughout. The WiFi is easy to access and strong enough for browsing, uploads, downloads, and even video calls. I was able to make several WhatsApp calls on WiFi without any speed or connectivity issues.

Does Uber Work in Querétaro Airport?

Yes, Uber and DiDi work at Querétaro Airport. Querétaro Airport is located about a 30 minute drive from the city of Santiago de Querétaro and while there are often Ubers already at the airport, if you need to call one you may have a longer wait time.

Summary: Querétaro Airport Guide

Querétaro Airport is a super convenient option for anyone traveling to Central Mexico who wants to skip the hustle and bustle of Mexico City.

Although it is small, this airport has everything you need to pop in and out of the Querétaro and Guanajuato areas and even offers international flights to Chicago, Dallas and Houston.

There’s a good chance Querétaro Airport will be the best choice for your next trip to this area and this guide should have you well prepared for smooth and seamless travel.