Is Querétaro Safe? What QRO Is Really Like In 2024

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Ashlea J. Russell

Is Querétaro Safe? I’m Giving You The Full Safety Scoop

Querétaro also known as Querétaro City and officially known as Santiago de Querétaro is a small city in Central Mexico in the state of Querétaro located northwest of Mexico City.

Did you get all that? 😅

Querétaro has been flying under the travel radar for a while now but people are slowly starting to learn about this Central Mexican gem.

Information about Querétaro can be hard to find in English so you may find yourself with questions like is it worth visiting? What is there to do and see there? And most importantly, is Querétaro safe?

Well, I spent weeks exploring Querétaro and now I’ve put together this safety guide so you can feel good about visiting this corner of Mexico.

Let’s get into it!

Is Querétaro Safe?

Yes! Querétaro is safe.

Querétaro is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to Mexican cities. Tucked away in Central Mexico, this often overlooked part of the country is both safe and beautiful making it a great place for expats, digital nomads, and tourists.

The best part about Querétaro is that most people haven’t found it yet!

This bustling little city has a real sense of people going on about their business. Because it’s not a tourist hot-spot you don’t have to worry about sticking out for the wrong reasons and being targeted for scams or pushy sales tactics. You can just relax and explore.

  • It is rare to find people who speak English in Querétaro so to improve your experience here learn a little Spanish or have your translator app handy.

Querétaro City is one of the wealthier places in Mexico and because of this crime is low, even petty crime like theft.

It’s typical to see people walking around here with iPhones and Apple watches without a care in the world and it’s not uncommon to see exotic sportscars and luxury vehicles lining the streets.

As a tourist and solo traveller I felt comfortable using my phone in public, taking photos, and wandering around without the concern of stumbling into a rough neighbourhood.

Querétaro overall is a safe destination to visit and live but you should always follow the usual safety rules that apply to anywhere in the world:

  • Do not flash large wads of cash
  • Do not wear expensive jewellery
  • Do not walk around alone in the wee hours
  • Do not overdrink
  • Do not purchase or seek to purchase drugs
  • Trust your gut

Is Downtown Querétaro Safe?

Downtown Querétaro is absolutely safe and beautiful! In fact, this part of Querétaro was where I spent the most time wandering and exploring.

Downtown Querétaro, also known as Centro or the Historic Monuments Zone is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This part of the city is brimming with picture perfect streets, gorgeous architecture and historic statues.

Downtown Querétaro is a safe and bustling place to explore, shop, dine and walk.

This is a fantastic area to walk, shop and dine safely, without any concern of being hassled by vendors and a great place to stay while in Querétaro.

Is Querétaro Safe At Night?

Yes, Querétaro is safe at night. As with any city it’s a good idea to avoid wandering around alone in the wee hours of the morning, but that doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself in your hotel at night in Querétaro.

Querétaro has quite a youthful vibe for being such an old city and as such things don’t die down when the sun goes down.

Every night I felt comfortable walking to and from restaurants alone after sunset.

The city is buzzing with laughter and voices pouring out of bars and restaurants, locals are out and about and street food vendors are kept busy.

Most of the streets are well lit at night and taxis, Ubers and DiDis are easy to come by.

Safety of Women

As women, when we travel, especially alone, our number one concern is how safe are we really?

During my recent trip to Querétaro I visited as a solo female traveller and I can confidently say that this is somewhere I felt safe.

During my time in Querétaro I took Ubers, taxis, buses, I walked around during the day and night, I went shopping, I went for drinks, I sat in parks, and at no point was I bothered by anyone or concerned for my safety.

I also noticed that a lot of other women were walking around Querétaro alone which is always a comforting sign!

Querétaro is a safe place for tourists, solo travellers and women with a low crime rate and welcoming community.

The main thing for women to keep in mind is that Mexico is a conservative country. Don’t be fooled by the short shorts and crop tops of the coast. In Central Mexico things are a different story.

Querétaro is a historic city with a modern attitude so you will see people making some more “out there” style choices than what you’d see in a city like Oaxaca.

But to avoid offending anyone it’s important to use some modesty when dressing, especially during the day.

Jeans are a bit of a uniform in Mexico which makes them a safe bet pretty much anywhere you go. Crop tops, short skirts and low cut necklines are less common in Querétaro and should be reserved for the night time or skipped altogether.

Overall Querétaro is a safe place for women to travel, even alone.

Crime Rate Querétaro, Mexico

The crime rate in Querétaro is low at 37 out of a possible 100 on the Numbeo scale. This is one of the lowest crime rates in Mexico and is lower than cities such as Vancouver, Dublin and San Antonio.

It is highly unlikely that anyone visiting Querétaro would be the victim of crime or harassment.

In fact, it is highly unusual for tourists anywhere in Mexico to be the victim of crime, but particularly in Querétaro, there’s not much to worry about on this front.

Getting Around Safely

Querétaro is a bit of a sprawling city so knowing how to get around safely is going to come in handy on your travels. Let’s go over all the best ways to get around Querétaro.

Walking In Querétaro

Walking around Querétaro is a fantastic way to get around and explore. During my time in Querétaro I walked more than I took any other mode of transportation.

In the Centro part of Querétaro walking is the best option if you’re able. The roads are well-maintained and for a colonial city the sidewalks are quite wide.

There are well marked crosswalks and traffic lights that make it easy to safely cross the road.

When you leave the Centro area, getting around is better suited to a vehicle. Areas like Alamos and Jardines are walkable and have parks and walking paths that make it easy to get around. Outside of these areas it’s best to use a taxi, Uber or DiDi.

Driving in Querétaro

Driving in Querétaro is not as much of an adventure as it is in other places like Mexico City. However, in recent years the traffic situation has gotten much worse so if you don’t absolutely need a car, don’t use one.

Driving in Querétaro can be a challenge with the colonial roads so it's best to keep your car out of centro.

The roads in the historic centre are narrow and there are lots of one way streets and pedestrians darting in and out. When you get out of this area you’ll notice much larger roads and when you exit the city you’ll find proper large highways.

Driving in Querétaro is safe and the drivers here are not overly aggressive so if you need a car, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Uber and DiDi

Using rideshare apps like Uber and DiDi is a safe, affordable and reliable way to get around Querétaro. During my time in Querétaro I found myself using DiDi more than Uber because they had more drivers and better rates, but it’s always worth checking both apps.

Both Uber and DiDi can be used for rides around Querétaro and they also offer pick up and drop off at the bus terminal and airport.

  • If you’re not familiar with DiDi, it’s an alternative to Uber that is very popular across Mexico. This is an app you should have on your phone when travelling here.

DiDi is often cheaper than Uber and because they take a much smaller cut of the fare, some places like Querétaro have more DiDi drivers than Uber drivers.

Overall, the app is very similar to Uber. They offer rides and food delivery and you can pay securely by credit card directly in the app or opt to pay in cash.

When it comes to staying safe it’s important to note than DiDi is a major global company and just like Uber they come with their own safety features known as the Safety Toolkit. These features include:

  • Journey Tracking
  • Trip Sharing
  • SOS Button
  • Driver Facial Verification
  • Driver Screening
  • TripCheck**

**DiDi monitors your trip and if they notice anything unusual like an accident or detour they will send a notification to your phone and you can use the SOS button to connect to emergency services if needed.

Taxi Safety

In Querétaro there are authorized taxis also called radio taxis and private taxis. Both are good, safe options to get around the city but there are some pros and cons to each of them that we’ll get into below.

  • Only take authorized taxis or use an official private taxi firm.

Authorized Taxis

In Querétaro there are several radio taxi companies that operate. The authorized taxis are yellow with a black checkered line running around the vehicle. They have the taxi number on the doors, trunk and roof in large black writing.

Taxis in Querétaro are safe to hail on the street and the rate starts at $25MXN [$1.50USD/$2CAD]. The driver should start the metre as soon as you enter the car.

Taxis in Querétaro are safe but if you're looking for quick trips around the city Uber or DiDi would be a better choice.

Taxis are a good option when arriving at the airport or the bus terminal where there are authorized taxi stands. You can purchase tickets for these inside at the ticket booth and provide the ticket to the person working the taxi line outside.

If you’re looking to just get around the city I recommend using DiDi or Uber instead. The rates are better and you get the added bonus of following your journey in the app.

Private Taxis

Private taxis are the best option in Querétaro for longer journeys. If you decide to take a day trip to one of the magic towns, wineries or hot springs, this is the best and most reliable way to do so safely.

The company that I use for private taxis in Querétaro is called Heroes Transportation. They came highly recommended to me by several people who live in Querétaro and after using them a few times I understand why.

They speak English and provide a clean, comfortable and reasonably priced service you can count on.


Public transportation in Querétaro is extensive and there are many bus routes connecting all parts of the city.

Buses are cashless so you will need to purchase a prepaid QROBus card from a self-service machine or any OXXO store.

  • There are private buses and public buses, and it’s best to stick to the public buses. These are cheaper and can be paid for with the QROBus card.

Buses in Querétaro can be very busy during rush hour and can have people crammed in shoulder to shoulder. To avoid any unfortunate events or pickpockets I recommend waiting until rush hour ends.

To explore the bus routes you can use this Querétaro Bus Route Map or download the QROBus App. A bus ride in Querétaro costs $4MXN [$0.25USD/$0.35CAD].

Getting To And From Querétaro Safely

Querétaro is located northwest of Mexico City and there are a few ways to reach this part of the country. So, let’s talk about all the ways to get to Querétaro safely.

By Air

Querétaro is best served by Querétaro International Airport [QRO], located about 30 minutes drive from Querétaro City (Santiago de Querétaro).

This airport is a modern, single terminal airport that offers direct international flights from Chicago, Dallas and Houston, as well as almost 20 direct domestic routes across Mexico.

This airport is easy to use and lands you right in Querétaro for easy access to Querétaro City and the surrounding areas. This is also the closest airport to nearby San Miguel de Allende.

For more flight options considering flying into Mexico City and taking the bus to Querétaro.

By Bus

Querétaro has an enormous bus terminal that actually feels more like an airport. Buses in Mexico are a safe and affordable way to get around and are an easy option for reaching Querétaro from other cities.

Buses are the best way to reach Queretaro for people who are already in Mexico.

Luxury bus services connect Querétaro to places like Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Cuernavaca, Morelia, and more.

If you’re already in Mexico this is a great alternative to flying for a fraction of the cost.

By Private Taxi

Private taxi is a great way to get to and from Querétaro safely especially if you have a larger group or extra luggage.

The only private taxi company I use in Querétaro is Heros Transportation. This local small business is owned and operated by Daniel and I had the pleasure of using this service for multiple rides during my time here.

Daniel and his team offer car and SUV service to pretty much anywhere you want! I’ve used them for airport pick ups and drop offs as well as longer journeys like a trip to San Miguel de Allende.

Private taxi is one of the easiest ways to get around Queretaro state.
Heroes Transportation Car

Heroes has a fleet of modern, spacious, clean vehicles, they offer excellent English-speaking service, and have the fairest prices I’ve seen anywhere in Querétaro.

You can quote and book with Heros Transportation through WhatsApp and pay in cash at the time of service.

By Rental Car

Querétaro is a safe place to drive and because the state is quite wealthy the roads are newer and well-maintained.

There are some toll roads within Querétaro and also in the surrounding states, so keep an eye out for that when planning your route.

These tolls can add up so factor that into your budget. For example a drive from Mexico City to Querétaro can add up to around $400MXN [$24USD/$30CAD] in tolls alone.

For the safest journey only drive during the day. Many of the more rural areas are very dark at night, have no phone signal and are prone to unexpected animals crossings which can cause accidents.

And any time you decide to drive in Mexico remember to follow these safety tips:

  • Download Google Maps Offline
  • Never run low on gas and always have cash to fill up
  • Watch out for speed bumps, spikes and chains
  • Prepare for detours and construction delays
  • Do not drive out of town in the dark

Querétaro FAQs

You’ve got questions about Querétaro and I’ve got answers!

Do They Speak English in Querétaro?

While Querétaro has a decent expat community it is pretty rare to find English-speaking people.

Querétaro has typically been most popular with Mexican travellers so you won’t see much here that caters to foreigners. Many hotels and some restaurants may have someone who speaks some English but it’s not something I would rely on.

Try to learn some key words and phrases in Spanish and remember to download Spanish Offline in the Google Translate app.

How Safe is Querétaro City?

Querétaro City is one of the safest cities in all of Mexico for both residents and visitors. With low crime rates and a strong sense of community, Querétaro City is very safe.

Is It Safe to Live In Querétaro Mexico?

Yes, Querétaro is one of the safest states in Mexico and Querétaro City is a very safe place to live. Crime rates in Querétaro are some of the lowest in the country which makes this a popular place for wealthier Mexicans and foreigners to live.

Is Querétaro Worth Visiting?

Querétaro is absolutely worth visiting! Although it is often overlooked in favour of its more popular neighbour to the north, San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro is a beautiful, safe colonial city with bags of history and plenty to do.

In addition to the city of Santiago de Querétaro, the state of Querétaro offers stunning scenery like the Sierra Gorda Bioreserve, a fantastic wine region, and six Pueblos Mágicos to explore.

What Is the Nicest Neighbourhood in Querétaro?

The nicest neighbourhood in Querétaro for tourists would definitely be the Centro Historico. For longer stays consider Jardines, sandwiched between the Acqueducto and the river and Alamos, known for it’s many parks and relaxed vibe.

The most affluent neighbourhood in Querétaro is Juriquilla, where it’s common to see luxury sports cars and lavish, modern homes.

Summary: Is Querétaro Safe?

So, is Querétaro safe? Whether you’re visiting Querétaro as a day trip from San Miguel de Allende or staying for a few days this is a safe place to spend your time.

With low crime rates and a happy population paired with beautiful architecture, rich history, and so much to do and see, Querétaro is somewhere you don’t want to miss when visiting Central Mexico.