Taxi drivers in Puerto Escondido wear a uniform that matches their car.

Complete Puerto Escondido Taxi Guide 2024 (Prices + Info)

Last Updated on May 13, 2024 by Ashlea J. Russell

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Puerto Escondido isn’t a huge place but it does stretch along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Unless you plan on hanging out within walking distance from your accommodation the whole time, you’re probably going to need to take a taxi at least once during your visit to Puerto Escondido.

If you’re not sure how to get there check out this How To Get To Puerto Escondido Guide.

It can be daunting trying to take any sort of transportation in a new place, especially in Mexico where things tend to work a bit more casually than in other countries. So, I’ve put together the Complete Puerto Escondido Taxi Guide based on everything I learned while I was working from Puerto Escondido last winter.

How Do I Get a Taxi in Puerto Escondido?

First things first, how do you even find a taxi to take in Puerto Escondido? And what if you don’t speak Spanish?

The majority of taxi drivers and locals in Puerto Escondido don’t speak English, and if they do it’s a very minimal amount. They may know a few key words or phrases to say to you but they typically don’t understand anything you say back.

Before heading to Puerto Escondido or anywhere in Mexico that isn’t a major tourist hotspot like Cancún, you’re going to want to brush up on at least a little bit of Spanish. As a minimum you should learn numbers and niceties so you can buy things and pay for services.

You can grab your Free Useful Mexican Words & Phrases Cheatsheet below which covers all the basics.

Now that you’re equipped with a little bit of Español let’s get into the steps of taking a taxi in Puerto Escondido.

Ask Someone to Call a Taxi for You

The easiest way to get a taxi in Puerto Escondido, especially if you aren’t comfortable speaking Spanish is by getting someone to do it for you!

Luckily the word for taxi is the same in English as it is in Spanish and we all know the universal gesture for phone call 🤙.

Mexican people are notoriously helpful and I had everyone from shop assistants to restaurant servers to hotel receptionists calling taxis for me. It takes two seconds and they don’t mind doing it.

Call or WhatsApp a Taxi Yourself

If you’re feeling confident speaking Spanish you can call your own taxi or use WhatsApp to communicate. The phone number for the taxi company Sitio Puerto Escondido A.C. is +52 958 103 7717 or click here to WhatsApp Sitio Puerto Escondido.

Tell them where you are and they will assign a taxi to you and tell you the number of the taxi so you can be sure you’re getting in the right car.

  • If you don’t already know, everyone uses WhatsApp in Mexico! You can order taxis, laundry service, take out food, pretty much anything on WhatsApp. If you don’t already have it, you can download WhatsApp here before you go.

Hail a Taxi

It’s really easy to hail a taxi in Puerto Escondido. Unlike other Mexican towns and cities that use taxi stands known as sitios, Puerto Escondido taxis just drive around and it doesn’t take long to spot one.

If you’re staying in the typical areas of Puerto Escondido along the ocean, all the taxis are going to look the same.

  • White Body with Green Roof
  • Say Sitio Puerto Escondido A.C.
  • Have a number
  • Have a taxi light on top
  • Drivers wear a white shirt and green trouser uniform that matches the taxi
Taxi drivers in Puerto Escondido wear a uniform that matches their car.
Taxi Driver Uniform Puerto Escondido

  • If you are further inland you may see some authorized taxis from the nearby town of Santa María Colotepec. The taxis look almost identical except the roof is burgundy and the car will read Sitio Santa María Colotepec A.C.

If you see a taxi that meets the criteria above, check to see if its light is on. Light on means it’s available, light off means it’s on a job or headed to a job.

When you find a taxi that looks available, stand facing the vehicle and put your arm straight up and out 🙋🏻‍♀️. The driver will spot you and slow down.

Confirm or Negotiate Price

When the driver slows down they’ll open the back window or you can open the back door to speak to them – never open the front door of a taxi unless the driver tells you to.

Before entering a taxi in Puerto Escondido you need to tell the driver where you’re going and agree on the price.

Fares in Puerto Escondido vary depending on where you’re going and the time of day so check out the How Much Do Taxis Cost section below for more information.

First, tell the driver where you’re going and then say Cuánto cuesta? [pronounced KWAN-toh KWESS-tah] which means “how much does it cost?”.

Most drivers are fair and will give you the going rate but if you think a fare is too high you can negotiate by saying a number back. Once you’re happy, hop in!

If you can’t agree on the fare for your ride simply say No gracias and walk away. Another taxi will be by soon.

Pay and Tip Your Driver

When you arrive at your destination it’s time to pay the driver. Taxis in Puerto Escondido are cash only. Most taxi drivers don’t have change or are reluctant to give it to you so try to have small bills.

It is customary to leave a small tip of a couple of pesos but it’s not mandatory. Don’t forget to say gracias before you leave!

High Five ✋! You just took a taxi in Puerto Escondido.

  • The quality of vehicles in Puerto Escondido varies taxi by taxi. It is common to find taxis that are in need of repair such as a cracked windscreen, no seatbelts or uncomfortable seats. Most vehicles are older and do not have air-conditioning or automatic windows.

How Do I Get an Airport Taxi to Puerto Escondido Town?

Puerto Escondido airport is small. It has one terminal that only serves domestic flights, most of which come from Mexico City. You land on the tarmac, walk into a small baggage claim hall with a washroom at the back and then you walk into the next area which is the arrivals hall.

Because the airport is domestic only, there’s no passport control or immigration and you walk right out.

The airport in Puerto Escondido is located really close to the north end of town. In fact, when I arrived in Puerto Escondido, the drive to my accommodation in Bacocho was – without exaggeration – less than 5 minutes.

But, it’s hot, you have bags and this part of town doesn’t have proper sidewalks so let’s go through your options for getting to where you need to go.

Getting a taxi from the airport in Puerto Escondido is cheap and easy.
Landing in Puerto Escondido

The Easiest Way

By far, the easiest way to get from Puerto Escondido to anywhere in town is by authorized taxi. Only airport taxis are allowed to operate from the airport so you can’t just walk outside and grab one.

Near the exit you’ll see a little booth marked Taxi. Tell the person in the booth where you want to go and they’ll tell you how much it costs for the different areas of Puerto Escondido. Do not negotiate, these are fixed fares. Keep reading to find out more about the fares.

Once you pay you’ll receive an authorized taxi ticket which you’ll give to your driver. You don’t have to worry about figuring out who your driver is because they’ll come to you! These taxis are readily available and there is almost never a wait.

The vehicles are comfortable and spacious. The driver will load and unload your bags and it’s customary to tip a few pesos for the service.

The Cheapest Way

If money is particularly tight there is a way to get around paying the flat rates for the authorized taxis. I mentioned before that regular taxis aren’t allowed to pick up at the airport but nothing is stopping them from waiting outside the gates!

Collect your bags and start walking toward the exit of the parking lot. Just beyond the property line you’ll find a taxi or two waiting.

Make sure you follow the criteria for identifying a legitimate taxi I outlined earlier in this post and don’t forget to agree on a price before you get in. This is a slightly less convenient option but it will save you a few pesos.

The Private Way

The final way to get from Puerto Escondido airport into town is by reserving a private transfer in advance. Airport taxis are readily available but some people prefer to travel with a little more luxury or peace of mind knowing someone is waiting for them.

Private transfers cost more than airport taxis but there are a few benefits to choosing this option:

  • Guaranteed air-conditioning
  • Designated meeting point
  • Flight tracking in case you’re delayed
  • Vehicle just for you or your group

If this sounds like something you’d like then click the link below to book your private airport transfer:

How Much Do Taxis Cost in Puerto Escondido?

Taxi fares in Puerto Escondido are a bit of a loose science. While there are set fares they are used more like a guideline.

During my time in Puerto Escondido I only had one taxi driver try to overcharge me but it’s still a good idea to make sure you have an idea of how much a taxi should cost so you can agree on a rate before riding.

The cost of a taxi in Puerto Escondido depends on how far you are travelling.

Taxi Fares In One Area

If you are taking a short trip around one area of Puerto Escondido during the day this should cost around $50MXN [$3USD/$4CAD]. This would be something like taking a taxi to your accommodation from a restaurant in the area.

This is a the standard rate for a taxi in Puerto Escondido however at night the prices become less concrete. This trip at night could cost up to $80MXN [$4.75USD/$6.50CAD].

Taxi Fares Across Town

Bacocho and La Punta are the furthest north and further south neighbourhoods of Puerto Escondido so we will use this journey as an example. This trip will take about 20 minutes to drive and is the longest journey of the town. Any other trip you take around town should never cost more than this example.

During the day the fare is around $80MXN [$4.75USD/$6.50CAD]. At night this same journey can spike as high as $150MXN [$9USD/$12CAD]. A driver may quote $250MXN if they think they can get away with it, but you should try not to pay more than $150MXN.

For day trips from Puerto Escondido and out of town journeys check with your accommodation for a ballpark cost.

How Much is a Taxi from the Airport

To get from the airport to Puerto Escondido town you have a couple of options so let’s go through them.

Private Authorized Airport Taxis

Private authorized airport taxis are the fastest and easiest way to get from the airport to town. The fares are a set price depending on where you’re going in town. You just have to purchase a ticket from the authorized taxi booth and you’ll be on your way.

A private authorized taxi from the airport into town will cost $250MXN [$14.90USD/$20.25CAD] to $350MXN [$21USD/$28.50CAD] depending on your zone.

Taking an authorized airport taxi is the easiest way to get from the airport to Puerto Escondido.
My assigned driver taking my bag to an authorized airport taxi.

Shared Authorized Airport Colectivo

If you don’t mind taking the slow road you can purchase a ticket for a shared taxi also known as a Colectivo. These vans hold up to 12 or 15 people and they will usually wait until the fill or almost fill the vehicle before leaving.

You can purchase a ticket from the taxi stand inside the airport.

Make sure you have the address of your accommodation handy. This can take a while and the vehicles aren’t always air-conditioned.

Off-Site Radio Taxis

If you want to save some money and have a private vehicle you can make your way outside the property of the airport where you’ll find regular taxis waiting.

Make sure you only approach a taxi that matches the description provided above.

An off-site taxi from the airport to La Punta or Zicatela will cost around $80MXN [$4.75USD/$6.50CAD] and to the closer neighbourhoods of Bacocho and Carrizalillo will cost around $50MXN [$3USD/$4CAD].

  • If you are travelling with larger suitcases or a lot of luggage, take an authorized taxi. Taxis in Puerto Escondido will not be able to hold lots of luggage.

Is it Safe to Take a Taxi in Puerto Escondido?

As long as you are following the How Do I Get a Taxi guide above and making sure you’re getting into official taxis based on the description above, you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to crime.

As I mentioned earlier, the quality of vehicles can really vary and that can be a worry when it comes to feeling safe in a taxi. It is common for vehicles to need repair so seeing cracked windscreens, missing seatbelts and broken windows is very common.

While it may not be what you’re used to at home, this is Mexico! It’s all part of the charm. You can learn more about safety in Puerto Escondido here.

Alternatives to Taking a Taxi in Puerto Escondido

While taking a taxi is cheap and easy in Puerto Escondido, there are other options you may want to consider for your trip. I’ll go through all your different transportation options below.

Is There Uber or Didi in Puerto Escondido?

At this time Uber is not available in Puerto Escondido. Didi officially operates in the town but it’s very unreliable and difficult to get rides. It is much easier and safer to take a taxi.

Hop on the Colectivo

Colectivos exist all over Mexico – and other countries. They are essentially public shuttles that drive predetermined routes for not a lot of money. Think of it as the step between a taxi and a bus.

It can take a little time to figure out colectivos when you arrive in a new destination but when you understand how it works it can be a convenient and affordable way to get around.

Colectivos or pasajeras can be flagged down on the side of the road. They will have a sign on them that indicate where they go to and from. You can ask the driver if you’re not sure.

Colectivos are a super cheap alternative to a taxi in Puerto Escondido.
Colectivo in Puerto Escondido

Colectivos in Puerto Escondido are like flatbed pick up trucks with a canopy. There is bench seating in the back and a bell to ring when you’re ready to stop. If you’re not sure where you need to get off, let the driver know before you get in.

Colectivos cost $8MXN ($0.50CAD/$0.40USD] which you pay to the driver when you get out.

This is a very popular local mode of transportation. It’s not uncommon to see people standing or hanging out the back, or people carrying cargo or animals. If you want to travel the Mexican way, this is it!

Walking Around Town

I personally love to walk, I find it to be the best way to orient myself with where I am and it allows me to discover little shops and restaurants I may have otherwise missed. Unfortunately in Puerto Escondido, it’s easy to walk around neighbourhoods but it’s not feasible to walk between neighbourhoods.

To get from the south end of Puerto Escondido to the north take about 15-20 minutes driving along a steep highway. This journey on foot would take upwards of an hour and a half and with the heat and exhaust fumes, it would not be the most pleasant.

It is absolutely possible to walk around certain neighbourhoods like Zicatela and La Punta, but if you want to travel around the town you will need to consider a transportation option.

Book a Rental Car

Renting a car in Puerto Escondido is easy to do. Prices vary depending on the time of year and how official the rental company you opt for it.

The drive between neighbourhoods is what you need a vehicle for but once you’ve arrived you’ll want to walk so a taxi is an easy option, especially if you plan to have a cocktail or two.

There are a few day trips you may way to consider and having a car would be great for that. Heading to the bioluminescent lagoon, hot springs or small towns is a lot easier with a vehicle.

You can check rental car rates at the link below:

Rent a Scooter

Renting a scooter is one of the most popular ways to get around Puerto Escondido, especially if you are staying for a while. Some people purchase a scooter and resell it and others rent from locals or official companies.

Scooters are fun to zip around on but it’s worth considering that they can be uncomfortable to ride in the heat and the rain, and if you want to do any shopping, storage space is in short supply.

There are lots of options to rent scooters both privately and through a company. Rentals through a local company with a good reputation like MotoPuerto will include insurance.

You can also rent from private individuals which will cost less but they will ask for damage deposit instead of providing insurance.

Summary: Taxi Guide to Puerto Escondido

By reading this guide you should have all the answers you need to safely and confidently take a taxi in Puerto Escondido.

Taxis are a convenient, easy and cheap way to get around town. When I was working from Puerto Escondido last winter I took taxis every day and found them to be a great way to get where I needed to go and I’m sure you’ll have a similar experience.

After you take a taxi once or twice, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy this beautiful beach town!