A well-seasoned and delicious Mexican style risotto dish served at Blanco Colima.

Blanco Colima Mexico City Review: An Overlooked Gem 2024

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Ashlea J. Russell

Not Sure If Blanco Colima Is Worth Your Time In Mexico City?

There are a few restaurants in Mexico City that get all the buzz and quite frankly, they don’t all deserve it. Then there are restaurants like Blanco Colima.

Blanco Colima may not be top of mind for people looking for the best restaurants in Mexico City, but there’s a reason why it’s a local favourite and is consistently alive with the hum of hungry patrons.

I’ve been visiting Blanco Colima since 2021 and its consistently high standards have made it a place I head to every time I’m in Mexico City.

If you haven’t been yet, you need to go and I’m about to tell you why.

About Blanco Colima, Mexico City

Blanco Colima is an unpretentious upscale bistro serving European-Mexican dishes in the stunning setting of an elegant mansion.

Located in the heart of Roma, Blanco Colima is often passed over for its popular next door neighbour, Restaurante Rosetta. But when it comes to service, atmosphere, food, and drinks, Blanco Colima reigns supreme in almost every category.

Appetizers and snacks start at $175MXN [$10USD/$14CAD] while mains start at $230MXN [$14USD/$17CAD], with a few pricey exceptions designed to be shared.

While this price point is nowhere near the likes of Pujol or other high end restaurants, it is above average but that’s easier to swallow with the added value of the complimentary additions.

A view of the entrance to Blanco Colima in Mexico City.

Delicious mini courses are served to every table between each course, totally complimentary meaning you not only get to try more creations, you also get more bang for your buck.

If drinks are your thing, Blanco Colima will not disappoint.

They offer the most extensive drinks menu I’ve seen anywhere in Mexico City, with 47 options just for mezcal alone.

Blanco Colima Quick Guide

  • Dress Code: Smart Casual
  • Price Point: $$$
  • Food: European Mexican Fusion
  • Drinks: Signature Cocktails, Wine, Beer
  • Hours: Mon – Wed 1pm – 12am, Thurs – Sat 1pm – 1am, Sun 1pm – 10pm
  • Reservations: I recommend booking for dinner Thurs – Sat.

The Vibe

One of the best things about Blanco Colima is the atmosphere. There’s a real air of enjoyment with people chattering to a backdrop of smooth instrumental music while the service staff slip in and out without disruption.

There is no pretense here. The sense is that everyone is welcome and treated with the same level of care, regardless of the bottle of wine ordered.

  • Blanco Colima has English-speaking servers on every shift the hosts discreetly assign to the tables who would benefit from them most. All menus are also available in English and Spanish.

White walls stretch up to the beautifully decorated high ceilings of this mansion which was once a home of Porfirio Diaz, the controversial former President, known for his lavish taste and love of European architecture.

A view from inside the ornate dining room at Blanco Colima looking out at a table on the sun-kissed terrace.

The stunning mansion setting is balanced against the smooth lines of comfortable modern furniture in warm wood and the food which is anything but old-fashioned.

The dining areas have large windows overlooking the beautiful treed-lined street outside and a terrace offers lunch in the sun or dinner amidst the bustle of Colima below.

The Food

The food at Blanco Colima is creative, thought out, and bursting with flavour, reflecting both a European and Mexican identity.

The menu is varied, representing dishes and ingredients from Europe, but viewed through a Mexican lens.

Blanco Colima serves one menu all day, alongside an 11-course Tasting Menu.

The Lunch & Dinner menu offers Cold Appetizers such as Wagyu Aguachile and Bluefin Tuna Tostada as well as Hot Snacks like Octopus Chicharrón and Iberian Ham Croquettes. These dishes start at $175MXN [$10USD/$14CAD] and some are suitable for sharing.

The main courses are divided into Vegetable and Seafood & Meat, with a variety of options in each category starting at $230MXN [$14USD/$17CAD].

A cold coffee milkshake served as a bonus mini course at Blanco Colima.

But before we get into the menu, we have to get into the bonuses.

Between each course the Chef serves delicious, complimentary mini-courses for each guest to enjoy.

These delightful little bonuses include an unbelievable artichoke dish I regularly dream of, a lovely seeded Mexican bread, and a cool coffee based drink before dessert.

The Mushroom Risotto I had at Blanco Colima is the best I’ve had in the world. The Mexican spicing of the dish made for a surprise to both my eyes and my palate and showed me risotto in a new and unexpected way.

A well-seasoned and delicious Mexican style risotto dish served at Blanco Colima.

For something truly unusual try the Huitlacoche Fondue. A European-style fondue made of Oaxacan cheese with huitlacoche, a corn smut often dubbed as the ‘Mexican truffle’.

The Seafood & Meat menu is also full of surprises. From the unctuous Duck Confit Ravioli served with soft French cheese, truffle and shitake to the Chef’s signature dish Robalo in the Milpa.

This fish dish sees a fillet of robalo resting on a bed of esquites (a Mexican corn dish) with a delicious broth and the crunch of toasted pepitas.

When it comes to dessert, although there options, for me there is only one choice.

The signature dessert, manchego cheese fondant cake at Blanco Colima.

The Manchego and Asadero Cheese Fondant is like a chocolate lava cake, but with cheese. Served alongside Quince Sorbet and a Balsamic Reduction, this is the perfect savoury, sweet, and tart dessert.

If cheese isn’t your thing, the Melted Chocolate with Mazapán Ice Cream is a lovely indulgent option to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Whatever you choose from the menu, I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic meal.

The Drinks

Blanco Colima offers the most extensive drinks list I’ve seen at any restaurant in Mexico City, so if you want it, there’s a good chance they’ve got it.

The signature cocktail list is comprised of spritzes, agave based house cocktails, and of course the classics, all hand-crafted by excellent mixologists.

A house favourite and the cocktail recommended to me for my first visit is the Mezcalito Tropical. This cocktail is served over ice with a smoky mezcal base mixed with Mexican fruits and topped off with a chapulín salt rimmed glass.

The Mezcalito Tropical signature cocktail at Blanco Colima served with a chapulin salt rim.

Chapulínes are dry-roasted grasshoppers that are a staple in Mexican cuisine.

My first experience with chapulínes was this very cocktail! I was curious to try them and having them virtually invisible in my salt rim was a great intro. The flavour is earthy and delicious and it just might surprise you.

In addition to fantastic cocktails they have a plethora of various spirits from Northern Irish whisky to top shelf tequila, cognac and beyond.

An extensive wine list offers bottles from around the globe including some excellent Mexican options. And for something lighter, several artisanal beers, juices, teas, and soft drinks are also available.

Cocktails start at $180MXN [$11USD/$15CAD] and all prices are clearly listed so there are no unfortunate surprises.

Summary: Blanco Colima, Mexico City

Blanco Colima may not be the first name that comes to mind for incredible food in Mexico City, but it absolutely should be.

They deliver a comfortable dining experience with incredible food and excellent cocktails to match.

Blanco Colima is consistent and seems to value each and every customer who chooses to spend time there, and that sort of treatment goes a long way.

I’ve enjoyed Blanco Colima for a casual lunch, a farewell dinner, and a meal before hitting the town. This is the sort of place you crave returning to time and again and the level of experience remains the same each time.

If you’re looking for a delicious restaurant that delivers on service, you can’t go wrong by adding Blanco Colima to your Mexico City itinerary.