Aeromexico Business Class: Seats, Meals, Benefits & More 2024

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Ashlea J. Russell

Wondering If Aeromexico Business Class Is Worth The Upgrade? I Tried It And I’ve Got The Answer.

Being a travel writer who specializes in Mexico, I travel to Mexico a lot! I’ve made the trip from Canada to Mexico with many different US and Canadian airlines but my airline of choice is always Aeromexico.

Until recently, I’d only flown economy with Aeromexico, internationally and domestic. But this time I decided to spring for Business Class on the 737-800 to see how they stack up against other North American carriers.

Well the verdict is in.

Aeromexico Business Class is an excellent product and I’m going to cover the meals, seats, perks, and experience from my flights so you can decide if it’s worth the upgrade for you.

Aeromexico Business Class Overview

I flew Aeromexico Business Class twice on my most recent trip from Toronto to Mexico City and I’m not sure I’ll fly any other way in the future.

The Business Class upgrade for Aeromexico is very reasonable especially considering all that comes with the price tag and if it’s within your budget to travel business, then I highly recommend that you do.

From the faultless level of service to delicious modern Mexican cuisine, full-service lounge to a well-planned in-seat experience, Aeromexico Business Class holds its own against other North American carriers and I would even venture to say, surpasses many of them.

I’ve always preferred Aeromexico because of their approach to customer service. Even as an economy passenger on a basic fare, the team on the phones work to accommodate passengers in any way they can.

Where other airlines will put up the “it’s not possible” roadblock, Aeromexico goes out of their way to try to help.

From an airline that provides free messaging WiFi, meal service, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to everyone onboard, I’m not surprised Aeromexico aimed high with their Business Class offering.

Is Aeromexico Business Class Nice?

Yes! Aeromexico Business Class is a nice experience. Aeromexico Business Class on international routes feels special, even without the glitz and glam of the Dreamliner.

The cabin is markedly different from the economy cabin, the service is excellent and for me, the comfort level, exceeded that of similar products from other North American airlines such as Air Canada or American Airlines.

This is an upgraded experience I’m happy to pay for.

Does Aeromexico Have Lay Flat Seats?

Aeromexico offers lie flat seats on the Dreamliner which operates from Monterrey (MTY) to Madrid (MAD) and from Mexico City (MEX) to Amsterdam (AMS), Buenos Aires (EZE), London (LHR), Los Angeles (LAX), Madrid (MAD), New York (JFK), Paris (CDG), Rome (FCO), Santiago (SCL), Sao Paolo (GRU), and Tokyo (NRT).

  • The Dreamliner is not used on every flight along these routes so it’s important to check the aircraft before booking.

Aeromexico Business Class in other aircrafts such as the 737-8 offers a very comfortable, wide, fully reclining seat, but not lie flat beds.

Aeromexico Premier Class Benefits

Flying Aeromexico Premier Class, just like any business class, comes with it’s perks. After all, aside from a big seat, perks are why we love to fly business!

The Premier Class benefits for Aeromexico are extensive and start at the time of booking with free seat selection, all the way to post-flight with priority baggage claim, and they didn’t miss much in between.

Some of my favourite benefits were simple ones.

The advanced seat selection was great because it felt like I had one less thing to worry about.

Priority boarding was fantastic! It was great to just saunter onboard, pop my bag into the overhead compartment, and get comfy. This actually makes a huge difference to the flying experience and sets the journey off on a relaxed foot.

I also really appreciated my little pillow and cozy blanket which made an already comfortable seat, that much comfier.

Aeromexico Business Class seats are spacious and feature large seatback entertainment units.

On my return flight from Mexico City I was able to visit the Salon Premier lounge which is a nice option to have.

Serving over 48 million passengers in 2023, Mexico City International Airport is busy and it feels busy. It’s hard to find somewhere to sit and the airport feels like it’s designed for people on the move, not somewhere to get comfortable.

The Salon Premier is also a busy place but I was able to find a comfortable seat right away. The lounge is designed with a couple of bars with stools, tables, and comfy armchairs. The WiFi easily supports everyone in the lounge and there is a good range of food, snacks and beverages at the buffet.

My favourite thing about the lounge is that the staff provide service at your seat which has rarely been the case in most of the lounges I’ve visited around the world.

I was able to order drinks to my seat without having to worry about leaving my bags unattended or losing my spot.

I’ve included a complete list of all the standard Aeromexico Premier Class benefits below which I think add up to great value!

  • Premier One Class on the Dreamliner offers a few additional perks that I haven’t included below such as lie flat beds, a bar area to mingle with other guests and an amenity kit.

The only thing I felt fell a little short was that there was no alcoholic option for the Welcome Drink. A glass of champagne is always a nice way to start a flight but Aeromexico does not serve alcohol until they are in the air.

The Welcome Drink options on both morning and evening flights were water and orange juice. Delicious, just not special.

Premier Class Benefits Quick Guide

  • Advanced Online Check-In (48hrs)
  • Complimentary Advanced Seat Selection
  • Complimentary Bar Service
  • Dedicated Cabin, Washroom & Overhead Storage
  • Larger, Fully Reclining Seat With Footrest
  • Lounge Access (Where Available)
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Pillow & Blanket
  • Priority Check-In, Boarding & Baggage Claim
  • Remote Controlled Entertainment System
  • Snack Service
  • Three Course Meal
  • Two Checked Bags
  • Welcome Beverage
  • Flexible Fares**

**Aeromexico Premier Class fares come in two levels. The standard Premier Class fare is non-refundable and offers changes for a fee. Flexible Premier Class offers unlimited free changes (plus any difference in fare) and the flight is refundable.

Aeromexico Business Class Seats

The main reason we all like to fly Business Class is the seat. After all, why fight for elbow room with your seat neighbour if you don’t have to, right?

After checking out older reviews online I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Aeromexico Business Class seats but I was pleasantly surprised!

I flew business twice on this trip and although my second aircraft definitely felt a little more worn than the first one, the level of comfort was great.

I’m an average sized woman at 5’6-1/2″ (the half inch matters) and I had more room than I needed in the seat.

  • My seat neighbour was over 6′ tall and he had plenty of legroom and seemed very comfortable for the whole 5 hour flight.

The seat was wide enough for me to reposition myself and move around with ease. I had plenty of room for all my bits and bobs like my water bottle, tablet, jacket, and the pillow and blanket the airline provided.

Aeromexico Business Class seats before take off, with a fresh blanket and pillow on each seat.

The adjustable headrest paired with my Aeromexico pillow made it easy to nap and the extra recline of the seat meant no neckaches when I woke up.

The centre console storage was the perfect place to stash important items like my phone and earbuds and the extra table meant I could sip on tequila or coffee without having to use my main tray table.

Because this was a longer flight I opted for a window seat. The seats were positioned a few inches off the wall which meant elbow room on both sides. This also allowed extra floor space for my personal items.

Having the remote for the entertainment system was a great touch so I could browse my options comfortably in my seat rather than straining to reach the touch screen.

Overall, the business class seats on Aeromexico were comfortable, spacious, well thought out, and worth the cost of the upgrade.

Business Class Seat Quick Guide

  • 21″ Seat Width
  • 36″ – 41″ Seat Pitch (Between Seats)
  • 18″ Personal Entertainment Screen With Remote Control
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Bluetooth & USB Charging Ports
  • Centre Console With Double Armrest, Storage And Small Table
  • Expandable Tray Table Stowed In Seat Arm
  • Fully Reclining Seat

On-Board Experience

Priority boarding was a breeze and the crew were very warm and welcoming. The Business Class cabin featured four rows with two seats on each side of the plane.

The overhead bins are spacious and because they are dedicated to the premium cabin there was no anxiety over finding a space for my trusty carry-on.

A clean pillow and blanket package was on my seat at boarding which was great because I was able to tuck myself in right away.

The entertainment system was on and running with some commercials and instructions on how to access the complimentary messaging WiFi which supports Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessenger.

Aeromexico Business Class passengers receive a Welcome Drink at boarding.

Once boarding was complete the crew came through with a tray of glasses of water and orange juice as our Welcome Drinks.

After the safety demonstration the entertainment system was ready for use and offered a good selection of English and Spanish movies, TV shows and music, along with the trip information screen with the tracking map.

There were many new release movies as well as older options and popular TV shows including new HBO seasons.

A clean package of noise cancelling headphones were provided to each guest but I was also able to connect my own earbuds to the system easily using the Bluetooth function.

Aeromexico Business Class passengers receive a sanitized pair of noise cancelling headphones for the flight.

The centre console features a wired remote for the entertainment system which made it easy to pause, play, and control the volume.

The crew were fantastic on both flights. They were very attentive without being imposing, regularly coming through the cabin, ready to replenish drinks, clear garbage, and check on guests.

The washrooms at the front of the cabin were clean and smelled fresh. It was well stocked with good quality tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels, as well as nice soap.

Sharing the bathroom with only the people in my cabin meant never having to wait and the condition was good.

I had a fantastic onboard experience with Aeromexico Business Class and it’s a product I’m sure I’ll use again and again.

Meals & Bar Service

I took two Aeromexico Business Class flights, one with breakfast and one with dinner.

The breakfast option was fine. They offered a quiche or pancakes along with fresh fruit, bread, and yogurt. However, the dinner was one of the best airplane meals I’ve ever had!

An Aeromexico Business Class meal featuring three courses with salad, tamarind chicken and chocolate cake, served on china dishes with linen tablecloth.

I opted for the tamarind chicken which was stuffed with squash blossom and served with a skewer of roasted vegetables, wild grains, a tamarind sauce, and bread roll. The chicken was juicy and bursting with flavour.

The starter was a super fresh, mixed green salad with candied pecans and a mini bottle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

And finally, the dessert was a totally decadent chocolate mousse cake with chocolate ganache, a raspberry and a milk chocolate disc.

For both meals the crew lay down a linen table cloth on my table and served the meal on a large tray which included all three courses, salt and pepper shakers, cutlery rolled in a linen napkin, and butter. The set included multiple knives and forks which was a nice touch for the multiple courses.

A mini bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar served with an Aeromexico Business Class meal.

The bar service was open all flight and the crew came through multiple times for top ups.

For alcohol they had tequila, rum, whiskey, and vodka as well as red and white wines, and a selection of beer. They also offered tea, coffee, and a selection of soft drinks and juices.

With my breakfast I had coffee which was served in a china mug, and for dinner I had a tequila and sprite in a glass with a slice of lime.

All of the dishes were excellent quality and really elevated the dining experience onboard.

Later in the flight the crew came through with a basket of snacks to choose from. There was a good selection of potato chips, flavoured nuts, and biscuits to choose from, all Mexican which meant some fun flavours!

Although the breakfast was fairly average the dinner was so outstanding I can only assume the breakfast was the anomaly, and the Aeromexico meals are usually great.


You’ve got questions about Aeromexico Business Class and I’ve got answers!

Is Aeromexico a Good Airline?

Yes, Aeromexico is a good airline. Aeromexico is known for attentive service, a solid safety record, and reliability. According to the Cirium On-Time Performance report, Aeromexico operated on time for 77.48% of flights across more than 200,000 departures in 2023, a score similar to that of American Airlines and United Airlines.

What Is Business Class Called on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico Business Class is called Premier Class or Clase Premier in Spanish. Business Class on the Aeromexico Dreamliner is called Premier One and is regarded as more of a “first class” service due to features such as the lie flat beds and onboard bar area.

What is Aeromexico AM Plus?

Aeromexico AM Plus seats are located at the front of the main economy cabin, immediately behind the Business Class cabin.

These seats feature additional legroom, priority services including check-in, boarding and baggage claim, as well as a checked bag. Meals are always included for every passenger on Aeromexico flights.

How Safe Is Aeromexico?

Aeromexico is a safe airline according to the Aviation Safety Network and is a Category 1 airline according to the FAA and the ICAO.

Summary: Aeromexico Business Class

Aeromexico Business Class is my new favourite way to fly to Mexico. I was already an Aeromexico fan because of their service and willingness to accommodate their passengers but their Business Class committed me for life.

With thoughtful perks, comfortable seats, and excellent service, I believe Aeromexico Premier Class is well worth the upcharge and it a way I intend to travel again and again in the future.